5 Social Media Retail Trends to Embrace in 2020

It's vital for retailers to focus on social media. Each platform holds significant influence to reach consumers, advertise and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news. Social media trends drive engagement and success when retailers use them correctly and in a relevant manner. Here's [...]

Effective Content Marketing Strategy for your Retail Business

Advancements are being made in this era at a rapidly fast rate, in fact, such a pace that wasn't even deemed possible in ancient times. For instance, distributing leaflets or leaving flyers on the windshields for publicizing your retail business is a thing of the [...]

Why Businesses Should Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of every profitable business and the backbone of marketing is digital marketing. We are living in the age of digitization; where everyone owns a smartphone, where people are interconnected by social media, and where customers are shopping online more often than [...]

How to Engage Customers that Just Want to Shop

54% of customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. Despite this, it seems an uphill battle for customer experience champions to start new initiatives for such a transformation. Think about it, how can you see the value of customer experience? [...]

10 Social Media Growth Hacks for Small Businesses

You probably know that it is important to make people aware of your brand or business. And one of the greatest ways to spread the word about it is to maintain an active presence on social media. The same thing goes for other places on [...]

18 Tips & Strategies to Drive Sales using E-Commerce Marketing

  Today, having an e-commerce website even for small business owners is the way towards expanding and reaching a larger audience. While your e-commerce website is the body, e-commerce marketing is the soul that drives the website to introduce your brand to more and more [...]

What to Do When Opening a Retail Store

Deciding between an ecommerce-specific business and a flagship store can raise a lot of questions. And while there are plenty of resources available about the best way to start an ecommerce website, little information is out there about what to consider when opening a brick-and-mortar [...]

10 Popular TikTok Trends: Brands Need To Follow In 2020

Ever wondered TikTok can be used as a part of brand promoting? To build a customer base on any social media, there must be a reasonable audience to make it effective. As per requirement, TikTok is consumed by 500 million users worldwide, and the most [...]

12 Vital Updates From Instagram In 2019

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5 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

The desire not to risk a large sum of money when starting a business is perfectly justified. Even if you conducted a thorough analysis of the target audience, made sure that your offer will have a response, thought out a business strategy, investing a huge [...]