6 Reasons Why Marketing Through Social Media is a Must For Every Small Business

If you are a small business owner, and you still haven't established a social media presence for your business, what have you been doing? Social media have been taking the world by storm, providing growth opportunities for businesses and individuals that could potentially propel your [...]

How To Prove To Your Customers You Value Their Feedback

Gathering feedback is an inevitable result of running a business. Whether it’s through social media channels, comment forms, support tickets, or simple emails, your actions will attract praise or criticism from your customers regardless of whether you welcome it. You should welcome it, of course: [...]

Why You Should Focus On Personalizing Your Customer Journey

If you could sell your product face-to-face to every customer, would you? The answer is probably a resounding yes. Unfortunately, this isn’t a realistic nor scalable way to effectively grow your business. This desire, though, reinforces the idea that personalization is needed to more proactively [...]

Social Marketing – Understanding Its Strategies and How It Works

When it comes to social marketing, most people confuse it with social media marketing. Well, let’s start right here first. Social marketing isn’t social media marketing, such as marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. There are times where social media platforms will be used to [...]