Instagram has become the number one social media platform in the past 5 years. It boasts engagement from over a billion active users. It is the perfect platform for companies to take advantage of the platform to grow their business and boost brand awareness.

However, keeping up with the social media giant is not that easy. But, it pays to follow the latest trends.

If you are interested in the hottest visual trends on Instagram, you have come to the right place. This post takes a close look at each trend so that you can leverage it to improve your performance. You will be surprised to see the results.

As Instagram continues to grow, you need to know what to expect. The following trends can help your brand achieve the recognition it deserves.

1. Gritty Gradients

One of the top 7 visual trends for your Instagram account that you need to know about is gritty gradients. A gradient refers to a color transition that fills the background. You might have already been aware of the trend without noticing.

Some of the most followed memes and quotes pages, as well as brands, are using a color palette that resembles pastel skies. There are various photo editing apps that you can use to layer a smooth color gradient to your pictures.

Software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can also be used to create stunning color gradients from scratch. You can even use color gradient pictures from stock photography libraries.

After you have decided which gradient to use, you can head over to an editing app to increase the grain.

2. Real World References

Instagram users are getting real about what they share. They are making real-world references to shed light on what is happening across the globe. Join in on the conversation by making real-world references. It will help your account get noticed.

The fact is that Instagram is not a fantasy; it is a world created by real people. Therefore, as the lines between the platform and our reality become more blurred, you need to create posts that include real-world references.

Bring daily communication channels to the digital front through your unique lens. Truck adverts, billboards, computer screens, mobile phones, and carrier bags are undergoing a digital transformation. You might feel a bit nostalgic trying the trend.

By making strong references, you can get it right. Twist real-life communication online using different apps. For instance, you can blend some parts of the picture and add new layers to it.

3. Color Blocking

Attract new followers to your Instagram account in 2021 through color blocking. This creative visual trend allows you to make your profile appear cohesive and professional. Thus, anyone that comes across your brand would be more likely to hit that follow button.

Use harmonious tones to come up with a unique color scheme that works in your favor. It will help tie everything together and represent the brand colors in a positive light. Take a look at The Mayfair Group to get a better idea about color blocking.

To make things easier, you can follow this visual trend by using visual planning tools. They will help you experiment with various feed compositions to ensure that you post the right content.

4. Collages

Creative design apps allow you to create a collage of different pictures. When you have a lot to say, it might be best to opt for collage posts. It will help you get the message across with minimal posts.

The best thing about this design trend is the fact that it works with just about every picture.  Make sure to keep things fun and experiment with new ideas. You never know which picture could go well with which texture or font.

The trend is likely to blow up this year, and you must cash in on it. Amplify your reach through collages. For instance, if you want to promote an app that focuses on Prayer Timings, you can create a collage about each prayer.

5. Designed Quotes

Everyone loves a good quote. You might think there is nothing new about quotes on Instagram. However, people had a difficult time in 2020, and they could use all the support they can get. This is why designed quotes have become the hottest trend in 2021.

A great thing about the trend is that you can pair it with other trends to create unique posts that people cannot forget about and more likely to share. Some of the things you can try out include using huge fonts to fill the screen and repetitive lines.

Capture a moment of hope through your posts. Your audience will be drawn to your profile because of it. Utilize your brand colors to get started. Most photo editing tools allow you to include custom text into the background of the image.

6. Animated Elements

When it comes to attracting users visually on Instagram, you need to think outside the box. Since 2021 is a year when every brand is trying to put in all their effort, you have to step up your game using animated elements.

With animated elements, you can instantly elevate the design values of your brand. If you take a close look at a post by Alfred consisting of a looping GIF, you will realize just how modern and eye-popping it is. Besides, it is super easy to create.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm values video more than other content forms. Therefore, you can easily take your profile to the next level by adding animated elements to your static posts.

7. Reposting Content Shared by Followers

Finally, brands are focusing heavily on engagement and are reposting content shared by followers. It allows them to post authentic content that other customers can relate to. If you already have a loyal fan base, it is about time that you encouraged them to share content about your brand and repost it.

Conclusion – Invest in Visual Trends for Your Instagram Account

Once you have read the entire post, you will know about the top visual trends for Instagram in 2021. From gritty gradients to reposting content shared by followers, you can boost your online presence. Make sure to focus on keeping things cohesive.





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