Retail’s Response to COVID-19: 4 Leading Omnichannel Trends

There can be little doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably altered the retail landscape: Storefronts have shuttered, industry heavyweights have filed for bankruptcy, and millions of workers have been furloughed or, in some cases, laid off. When you factor in the disruption that [...]

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for the Success of Small Businesses

With the advent of digital media, the internet, and personal handheld devices, connecting with people worldwide simply took an unprecedented turn. Today we have more than 3 billion people actively using the internet, and this led to businesses realizing just how lucrative digital marketing could be for [...]

7 Effective Ways to Boost Customer Retention With Emails

Customer retention refers to the activities a brand performs to hold regular clients and build relations with them, turning them into loyal customers or brand advocates. While email marketing is one of the most powerful customer retention tools, small business owners in retail often ignore [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Online Marketing

We are witnessing the digital revolution take shape right before our eyes. Most consumers are relying on search engines such as Google and Yahoo to get information about a selected industry or products. Online customer reviews are becoming more and more relevant, gradually edging out [...]

How to Ensure 10x Growth in Revenue With Customer Service

According to Microsoft, 56% of people worldwide have stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service experience. This stat clearly shows how poor customer service can hamper your business, and may ultimately result in lower revenue. That’s why it is important to [...]

Effective Content Marketing Strategy for your Retail Business

Advancements are being made in this era at a rapidly fast rate, in fact, such a pace that wasn't even deemed possible in ancient times. For instance, distributing leaflets or leaving flyers on the windshields for publicizing your retail business is a thing of the [...]

Why Businesses Should Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of every profitable business and the backbone of marketing is digital marketing. We are living in the age of digitization; where everyone owns a smartphone, where people are interconnected by social media, and where customers are shopping online more often than [...]

How to Engage Customers that Just Want to Shop

54% of customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. Despite this, it seems an uphill battle for customer experience champions to start new initiatives for such a transformation. Think about it, how can you see the value of customer experience? [...]

Email Marketing: 8 Strategies To Improve Sales And Boost Subscriber Engagement

Running any business is hard work, but the key is to have strong marketing strategies in place. Email is still going strong. In fact, businesses are showing renewed interest in it as a strategy to boost their performance. Email marketing allows you to connect with [...]