Nowadays, starting a business is easier than ever, but developing it into a successful and evolving company is no easy fit. The digital world provides the perfect opportunity for you, with no cost, to expand and develop your business. Everyone is online, making the social media platforms one of the most profitable spaces to place your business, attract new clients, meet those selling goals, and evolve. And while it may seem easy, it’s harder than it looks, but with a great plan comes great revenue!


Plan it Out

It’s easy to start using social media platforms for your business, thinking that you don’t need a social media strategy, they are so easy to use, and you are comfortable with the tools. Yet, when you don’t have concrete goals and a sense of direction, it’s also very easy to stop being consistent! Consistency is key for starting your small business on social media, and consistency needs a plan! Questions like:

  • What platforms should you use?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your goals?
  • How you will meet them?

These are some questions your plan should be able to answer. Once you are done visualizing what you want to achieve, you need to start thinking of the ways you will achieve them!


Know and Expand your Audience

Knowing your audience is more important than expanding it. Make use of Instagram or Facebook analytics to track where your audience comes from, what posts had the biggest outreach, and plan your future social media presence according to your statistics!

A successful social media plan is all about expanding your audience to attract as many potential clients as possible. The bigger your account in terms of followers and engagement get, the more you sell. There are several ways to do that through ads, but the most secure way is to build a relationship with your audience through engagement and interaction. Depending on the platform you choose, find ways to interact with your audience as much as you can: Facebook Group, Instagram Stories, Guest Posting on Instagram are just some options these platforms give you. Use them wisely!


Quality Content

Originality and creativity are a requirement for a successful social media presence. When thinking about your output in social media, you always need to have in mind your identity. Understanding who you are as a business and a brand will help communicate your product or services successfully to your audience. Find essay samples on various topics to use for inspiration for your future posts by Top Essay Writing. To create content for social media, it’s essential to be well-informed and updated with the latest trends while maintaining your individuality as a brand. It is no easy to come up with original and creative content for your brand constantly – it requires a lot of work and probably quite a lot of time, which brings us to the next tip!


Manage your Time Wisely

Time management is essential to a small business owner, and it applies to all aspects of running your business, including social media. Owning a small business is no 9-5 job, it’s more like a 24/7 job, especially at the beginning. When you have other things going on, like college or another part-time job to make ends meet, something is destined to fall behind on your to-do list. Planning your content once a week and scheduling your posts will save you a lot of time and worry within the working week.

But still, if you are a college student that owns a small business, even when you schedule your posts, time will be scarce. Having to research while balancing your part-time job and evolving your business is more than two full-time jobs. Another thing you could do is have some help writing your time-consuming papers by WritingUniverse. With their help, you will free yourself from some burden and get more time on your hands for the really important tasks.


Promote your Content

A good advertisement on social media can go a long way for your small business, it’s an investment that will expand your audience significantly! The key to a good advertisement is to know your audience and promote quality content that represents your brand!


Don’t Give Up

Success won’t happen overnight. It will probably take quite some time before you see the results you would like. You need to be patient and persist in your plan to see your business blossom! Keep track of your performance, know your data and continue to find creative ways to engage your audience!



At the end of the day, while it may seem an impossible feat, you can achieve great growth for your business from social media. You need to invest time and energy to communicate your brand effectively to your audience. Don’t forget, as long as you stick to your social media strategy, it will pay off!




Charlotte Banks is a freelance blogger and an educator. She mostly blogs about education-related topics, including tips for teachers, students, and parents. She’s also one of the writers and an experienced essayist. She spends her free time blogging and working to develop her skills as a writer as much as possible. Follow her on Twitter.