How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Platform

When you hear others talking about e-commerce, you probably might think it is a fully-automated business model that does not suffer physical store problems. This, in fact, is quite true. However, managing an e-commerce site can be just as challenging as other businesses, at times, [...]

Financial Considerations for Your Small Business During Uncertain Times

With so much change and uncertainty going on in the world, business owners all have one thing in common—they must be on their toes, ready to adapt if they want to maintain standards for safety and remain in business. Although the future of many small [...]

How to Use Customer Analytics and Segments to Increase Sales?

Recent years have witnessed the evolution of customer analytics from just-another-statistic to a powerful tool for curating highly personalized customer experiences. Have you ever wondered why the use of website visitor tracking software is becoming a crucial aspect for marketing and sales teams? Customer data [...]

How to Design the Interior of a Green Retail Space

Every year, more businesses are joining the fight to save the planet and prioritize sustainability. While LEED certification is an excellent start, it’s only the beginning. If your company values keeping itself green, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate sustainability — including [...]

Tips for Keeping Your Profits Organized as a Small Retailer

Keeping your profits organized when running a small retail business can be a daunting task. Most small businesses never survive for long in the market because they either don’t make profits or run into losses from year to year. According to small business data compiled [...]

4 Reasons Why Live Chat is the Most Underrated Element of Your Digital Marketing Plan

The role of live chat in customer engagement has evolved from being merely about troubleshooting to preempting the customer's needs and proactively addressing them. In fact, live chat software can safely be considered as the most underrated element in your digital marketing campaign success. Consider [...]

Voice Search SEO: Strategies & Optimization Tips

We are already aware of Search Engine Optimization and how it will make our website score higher on Google search results — allowing you to gain more clicks and sales from your website. Do you consider a voice search program for SEO, though? With voice search becoming [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Online Marketing

We are witnessing the digital revolution take shape right before our eyes. Most consumers are relying on search engines such as Google and Yahoo to get information about a selected industry or products. Online customer reviews are becoming more and more relevant, gradually edging out [...]