If you are a small business owner, and you still haven’t established a social media presence for your business, what have you been doing? Social media have been taking the world by storm, providing growth opportunities for businesses and individuals that could potentially propel your profits beyond your imagination. For a person that has no experience in using these platforms, they may be confusing at the beginning. But after a few hours, you can already be familiar with their functions!

Your Potential Customers, From all Over the World, are There, Why Aren’t You?

An average person spends approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every day. As of 2020 data, there are 3.96 billion social media users all over the world, and among them are your future potential customers. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok are just some of the most popular platforms that flood our screens with endless content. If you haven’t joined yet, setting up a business account is free, and you could only profit from their usage!

Understand your Audience – Localize your Content

One of the most important advantages social media give you is the analytics and insights to your audience. Understanding the people that follow your business are essential for any business strategy. Where they come from? What are the posts that had the biggest outreach? What is the content they interact with more? These are just some questions your insights can answer for you. Especially, realizing that you have a significant amount of followers from a non-English speaking country will help you decide whether you should localize your content, website, or app to expand your following from that country. TheWordPoint is an excellent choice should you decide to make that sort of expansion to your business. Making decisions based on this data will help you manage your business and content better!

Quick and Effective Communication

Another advantage to your business is the immediate and effective communication and feedback you get from your customers. A great example is when your products or services satisfy your clients, there is a great chance that they will share their experience with others, posting a photo or a short video giving a shoutout to your business to their friends. Having a social media presence means your business is approachable, and you can answer any potential questions easily. Feedback is not always positive. But it’s important to take into consideration what your customers think about your products and what they would like to see in the future.

Affordable Advertisement

Another reason your business needs to be on social media is the affordable advertisement. If you look at the data, advertisement on the radio or TV isn’t cheap. Creating an online ad is cheaper than getting yourself a cup of coffee on the main social platforms, and you have the same outreach. You should consider the benefits of strategically creating online ads and use PickWriters to translate them for your audience. If you increased traffic on your social media page from China, you should think about investing in translating your online ad into Chinese to expand your audience further there.

Brand Loyalty

Social Media will not only help you find new customers, but they will help you keep your customers and build loyalty around your brand. Building trust relationships with your clients is key for a successful business. Brand loyalty means that your customers will choose your product or services again and again. Effective communication between you and your clients can be a turning point for building a trust relationship. Your customers want to see the story behind your brand, your principles, and your processes. They want authenticity and truth behind your vision.

Your Competitors are All There

In the economy jungle, it’s best to know your competition. Tracking your competitor’s success could point out details you have missed regarding your product, your marketing strategy, or your brand. In the digital world, things move fast. If you want to continue expanding, you need to be updated on what the rest of your industry is doing and keep evolving your content and your strategy.


To conclude, every small business needs a social media presence. Social Media platforms may be confusing at the start if someone isn’t already familiar with them. Yet, familiarity can come very easily and is just a challenge to overcome for your business growth! You can join for free, attract new customers, gain ideas and inspiration from content to your product or services, observing what the rest of the industry is doing. Besides, you can advertise your business at a low cost and, most importantly, build a trust relationship with your clients through effective communication and direct feedback. Growth is just within your reach, you just have to make the decision and go for it!




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