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E-commerce designed for your small business to increase sales online through email

Sell your products through email with ease. SnapRetail has two e-commerce options that will help you increase your revenue by selling products, packages or services online. Quickly sell through email with PayPal or pull in products from your online store with our Shopify integration.

Sell online with Shopify and SnapRetail

Integrate with Shopify

Link your Shopify store with SnapRetail and sync products, photos, and customers.

Grow your small business with Paypal and SnapRetail

Sell Online with Paypal

Find a new revenue source by quickly selling through email with our Paypal integration.

Automate your e-commerce marketing strategy for your small business

Automate Your Strategy

Segment your customer lists by purchase history and automatically have Shopify searches sync with your account.

Build and Update Your Online Store with Ease

Generate a new revenue source by integrating SnapRetail + Shopify. In one click, we’ll sync your products, images, and customers right to your SnapRetail account.

Sell through email

Drag-and-drop to sell products right from your emails and encourage your customers to purchase right from the inbox.


Sell products online and grow your small business with SnapRetail and Shopify
Sell online and grow your small business with the PayPal and SnapRetail buy button

Quickly Sell Online with PayPal

Tap into a new revenue source with our SnapRetail and PayPal integration.

Sell through email

SnapRetail makes it easy for you to turn emails into sales opportunities with a simple click-and-drag.


Automate and Personalize your Email Strategy

Every successful marketing campaign results in two things: conversion and loyalty. Our goal is to increase your revenue and put the entire process within your control.

Advanced list segmentation

SnapRetail makes it easy for you to get the right message to an audience that’s ready to make a purchase. Shopify users can create saved searches that sync with SnpaRetail automatically.

Send targeted emails to customers to increase engagement for your small business with e-commerce solutions from SnapRetail
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