5 Tips for Small Retail Businesses to Shift to Ecommerce

In a world where the influence of the Internet is ever-increasing, traditional retail businesses can seem to be under attack. This does not have to be the case, however. What if there was a way to shift your retail business into more of an Ecommerce [...]

How to Turn Frustrated Consumers into Loyal Customers in the Digital Era

Now more than ever before, this digital era has created a competitive landscape where only the best products win. Whether you run an online gaming website such as a Book of Ra or sell clothes, it’s vital to pinpoint frustrations in the online experience, fix [...]

How to Use Customer Analytics and Segments to Increase Sales?

Recent years have witnessed the evolution of customer analytics from just-another-statistic to a powerful tool for curating highly personalized customer experiences. Have you ever wondered why the use of website visitor tracking software is becoming a crucial aspect for marketing and sales teams? Customer data [...]

Prioritize Reliable Fulfillment To Drive Customer Loyalty During The COVID Era

Customer loyalty is at the core of building a growing, profitable and sustainable ecommerce business. But cultivating loyalty is never easy especially now when the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted businesses around the world in multiple ways. Still, there’s never been a time when strengthening customer [...]

How to Create a Returns Experience That Satisfies Customers

As a business, returns can be costly and disappointing. In 2019, online returns lost businesses in the United States a total of $41 billion. Companies losing thousands, even millions of dollars in this process may question the importance of building a satisfying return policy for [...]

Retail’s Response to COVID-19: 4 Leading Omnichannel Trends

There can be little doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably altered the retail landscape: Storefronts have shuttered, industry heavyweights have filed for bankruptcy, and millions of workers have been furloughed or, in some cases, laid off. When you factor in the disruption that [...]

Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for the Success of Small Businesses

With the advent of digital media, the internet, and personal handheld devices, connecting with people worldwide simply took an unprecedented turn. Today we have more than 3 billion people actively using the internet, and this led to businesses realizing just how lucrative digital marketing could be for [...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Online Marketing

We are witnessing the digital revolution take shape right before our eyes. Most consumers are relying on search engines such as Google and Yahoo to get information about a selected industry or products. Online customer reviews are becoming more and more relevant, gradually edging out [...]

Adapting Your Retail Business to “Buy Online Pickup In Store”

Today’s ecommerce stores and retail shops are adopting buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) at rapid rates just to meet customer expectation and demand. With big box retailers making it possible, and often supporting same-day pickup, your competition is fierce. To ensure your business can [...]