Mother’s Day is a huge retail holiday you do not want to skip! According to the National Retail Federation, last year consumers were estimated to spend a total of $26.7 billion on gifts for mom. This holiday gives retailers an amazing opportunity to generate sales. To maximize sales, it is important to strategically plan your products and marketing campaign. Follow these 5 steps to make your store the best place to shop for Mother’s Day!

Select the right product mix

The top categories for Mother’s Day purchasing & celebration plans include jewelry, special outings, gift cards, and flowers. Some categories that saw a boost in 2020 include housewares, books & CDs, and electronics. We suggest choosing the products that will resonate with your customers and have a great value. Choose products at different price points to appeal to different customers.

Advertise your offer

Heavily market your special Mother’s Day products & sales in the month leading up to Mother’s Day. Schedule social media and email campaigns ahead of time so you can focus on your customers as the holiday approaches. Use email templates that allow you to create easy gift guides, promote coupons, or allows customers to checkout in a few clicks. Consider launching a social media contest to giveaway your favorite Mother’s Day product to a lucky winner.

Up sell & cross sell

While helping customers shop, take the opportunity to suggest add-ons, personalization options, or products that complement each other. Take the time to train employees about potential up sell & cross sell products and how to suggest the products in a fun, relaxed manner. Be sure to keep track of your daily sales and inventory. If one of the products you are heavily promoting is sold out, be ready to replace it with a similar product that will please your customers and have the same attributes.

Tie in the meaning of Mother’s Day

Using both social media and in store displays tie in what is means to be a mom. On social media, use quotes from employees and real-life pictures to talk about what the holiday means for them. In store, use display tags to promote product features like “Time-Saver! For busy moms on the go”.

Make it easy

While promoting your products it is important to also give incentive. If you want to avoid discounts, try making the customer’s life a little easier by offering free gift wrapping, a complimentary box of chocolate, or a free Mother’s Day card. A time saving incentive may make the world of difference when someone is choosing where to shop!

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