SEO for Retailers: 7 Ways SEO Can Help Your Business Grow

If you have a business online, rankings and conversions matter most to the nature of your business. For an e-commerce store to thrive online, it should gain all the attention that it could get from target users. Thus, it is crucial to have an effective [...]

How to Ensure 10x Growth in Revenue With Customer Service

According to Microsoft, 56% of people worldwide have stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service experience. This stat clearly shows how poor customer service can hamper your business, and may ultimately result in lower revenue. That’s why it is important to [...]

How Prioritizing Employee Happiness Will Help Your Small Business Thrive

“An army marches on its stomach.” The old aphorism has highlighted the importance of focusing on the basics ever since Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly uttered it hundreds of years ago. When it comes to small businesses, one could adapt the old adage into something like “a [...]

9 Reasons Why Fleet Leasing is a Win for Small Businesses

For many small businesses, having a fleet of reliable vehicles is an absolute must. However, purchasing the vehicles is not often the best financial decision. The up-front investment, ongoing maintenance costs, and evolving business needs can turn a fleet into a financial burden. Leasing often [...]

5 Social Media Retail Trends to Embrace in 2020

It's vital for retailers to focus on social media. Each platform holds significant influence to reach consumers, advertise and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news. Social media trends drive engagement and success when retailers use them correctly and in a relevant manner. Here's [...]

Adapting Your Retail Business to “Buy Online Pickup In Store”

Today’s ecommerce stores and retail shops are adopting buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) at rapid rates just to meet customer expectation and demand. With big box retailers making it possible, and often supporting same-day pickup, your competition is fierce. To ensure your business can [...]

Effective Content Marketing Strategy for your Retail Business

Advancements are being made in this era at a rapidly fast rate, in fact, such a pace that wasn't even deemed possible in ancient times. For instance, distributing leaflets or leaving flyers on the windshields for publicizing your retail business is a thing of the [...]

How To Make Your Business More Financially Sustainable after COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak in December 2019 came at a time when the global economy was trying to get its act together after being slowed down for a while by trade tensions especially between China and the US. The much-needed transition towards sustainable manufacturing and clean [...]

Why Businesses Should Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of every profitable business and the backbone of marketing is digital marketing. We are living in the age of digitization; where everyone owns a smartphone, where people are interconnected by social media, and where customers are shopping online more often than [...]