Attracting new customers to your business is an essential strategy. New customers are a valuable source of revenue for your business, and by impressing them you can keep them coming back for more. Yet they’re also one of the hardest demographics to reach. That’s why digital marketing strategies focused on bringing your business to a wider audience are a powerful tool to help your business grow. Here are our top tips for reaching new customers.


1) Get On Google

Google’s business tool is called Google My Business (GMB for short). It’s an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool for introducing yourself to new customers and clients discovering you through the web.

“GMB is one of the best ways to reach clients in your locality because Google is so good at tailoring suggestions to user location,” says Francis Kelley, a journalist at Writemyx and Britstudent. “Google has a huge amount of customer data that it uses to personalize every customer’s experience – putting yourself at the heart of that experience will bring new customers to your organization.” Further, GMB businesses are boosted above regular search results, so you’ll be one of the first things people see.


2) Facebook Ads

Facebook has designed its advertising feature to be affordable to all businesses and highly targeted so you’ll always get results. Before launching headlong into an ad campaign on Facebook, however, we recommend playing around with your ads, optimizing them for your audience. Facebook’s Ad Tool lets you test your ads based on a number of metrics, so you can tweak your strategy until you find the magic formula.

There are also a number of third party tools you can employ to get the best return on investment (ROI) out of your ads. AdEspresso is compatible with a number of platforms including Facebook and Instagram and their professional input will help you optimize your output.


3) Team Up With Similar Businesses

Although working with your opposition may seem counterintuitive, working with other local businesses through digital marketing is a great way to reach new audiences. Okay, you’ll probably never want to team up with the competitors next door, but identifying local businesses in your area with overlapping clientele is a great way to reach a new market and do some mutually beneficial marketing.

For example, if you run a local sporting goods store, reaching out to leisure centres or sports halls in your area can be a great way to cross promote. With a broadly similar client-base, but something unique to offer customers, teaming up on social channels and promoting content through each other’s Instagram stories is a great way to reach new customers.


4) Produce Great Content

If your organization doesn’t have a presence on social media platforms yet, take a long hard look at yourself. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are proving to be vital tools for brands building a strong digital presence, bringing in new customers and clients. However, a “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t work in the competitive climate of social media. Building engagement and reaching a wider audience is all about an output of great content that spreads organically through your users.

“The content you produce on your social channels is at the heart of your brand, and it can become one of the main draws for new customers and clients,” says Ronald Lopez, a writer at 1day2write and Originwritings. “By producing content that provides your audience with real value, answering their questions and problem-solving issues in their life, you can rely on customers to share this content for you, extending your reach across the web.”


5) Leverage Your Users

As you build your presence on social platforms, you’ll soon have thousands of users interested in your profile – and each of these users has a wide audience themselves, consisting of friends and follows on the platform of your choice. Leveraging your users to reach this audience can have a huge impact on finding new customers for your business.

Building a user-generated campaign is about inspiring your audience to promote your products. Running competitions that incentivize your followers to share photos of how they use your products is a great way of finding new customers – create a brand-specific hashtag so you can find all the content your users produce and share it on your own profile.


Wrapping Up

Digital marketing strategies are the launching pad for your brand. With so many options out there, from Google’s business tools to social platforms, there’s always more you can be doing to promote your brand. Reach a new audience today.



Regina Wheeler is a writer and consultant at Thesis Writing Service and She likes to liken digital marketing to the world of detective novels, constantly chasing a lead. If you want to read more of her work, you can find it on