Why Experiential Marketing Is a Must in 2020

The continuous growth of e-commerce businesses like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon is a clear indication that the consumers’ preference for online shopping is here to stay. Consumers love to explore their options and buy what they need without physically visiting a store. But the emergence [...]

How to Engage Customers that Just Want to Shop

54% of customers think companies need to fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. Despite this, it seems an uphill battle for customer experience champions to start new initiatives for such a transformation. Think about it, how can you see the value of customer experience? [...]

10 Essential Dropshipping Tips for New Entrepreneurs

If you are new to the dropshipping world, then you might have waited too long. Luckily, it is never too late to join the fun. The e-commerce space is flourishing, and there is no greater time than now to start making a living by selling [...]

7 Ways to Build a Customer-Centric eCommerce Store

“I would define Amazon by our big ideas, which are customer centricity, putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.” — Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO, Amazon. There is no better way to describe customer centricity. It is everything big and small that [...]

Integrative Technology That Boosts Small Business Efficiency and Profits

It’s easy to look at e-commerce trends and assume that cutting-edge technology being utilized is reserved for bigwig market players like Apple and Amazon. In many cases, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are a few of the best technologies available that [...]

Small Business Management: 8 Key Secrets to Success

Running a small business takes a lot of time and effort as small businessmen are solely responsible for managing all the recurring aspects of their company. Small businessmen keep alignment and coordination of multiple activities of an organization. It is often seen that business owners [...]