Whether you’re launching a new book store or developing an online shopping store for your business, marketing is something that you will heavily rely on in order to tell people it.

When it comes to creating awareness about your products and services, a lot of small and medium sized businesses make the mistake of spending huge sums on hiring top talent and tasking them with drawing up some big and bold marketing campaigns.

Most often, the marketing strategy that the talent comes up with is so expensive that the business decides to implement only the most important parts and abandon the rest. But, if you build your marketing strategy while keeping your budget in mind right from the start, you can come up with a much more effective plan.

Here are a few techniques you could use to promote your products on a small budget:

Be active on social media

With nearly three billion people using social networking sites regularly, it helps if your business has a strong presence on major social media sites. Facebook and Twitter are a must for all brands, and with Instagram growing so quickly, having a presence on it matters as well.


Post high quality content

Starting a blog to talk about your products is one of the most effective methods out there. When publishing posts on your blog, the thing that you need to be most careful about is the quality. You could hire a professional content producer to write some great posts for you but that would only increase your expenses.

No one knows about your business more than you and this makes you the perfect person to produce content about it. You can also start a newsletter to keep your fans and readers up-to-date regarding all the latest news and offers.


Join Google My Business

Creating a free account on Google My Business and having your account verified will enable your products to show up in local search results and on Google maps. Billions of people rely on Google as their search engine and a lot of people search almost anything interesting or intriguing that they come across, having a presence on Google can be a huge boost for your business.


Offer special discount offers

Thanks to ecommerce websites, consumers learn about the latest sales and special discount offers as soon as they become official. Hence, in these times, running a new sale or offering discount coupons is one of the easiest and fastest ways to tell people about the amazing products and services that your business is offering.


Partner with other brands

Another cool trick that a lot of businesses use is that they partner with some other brand in some other industry and they come up with a giveaway or special discount offer. The reason a lot of brands use this method is that it’s a win-win situation for both brands because each brand gets to reach out to the fans and loyal customers of the other brand and this can increase sales for each company.


Ask your customers for feedback

One of the most important steps of marketing is to ask your fans and customers for their feedback and input. You and your team work on each product from the start and hence when it’s ready for the public, you can’t really judge the product from a fresh perspective. The good news is that your customers can fulfill this need, and following their feedback can often lead your business to great success.



Jamal Khan is a content writer with nearly ten years of experience. He started his writing career in the IT industry, helping web development companies reach out to potential customers. Over the years, Jamal has worked with a wide range of clients and has used almost all sorts of writing style in his posts. These days, Jamal likes to spend his free time writing about the ecommerce industry.