What Can Retailers Do to Target Local Customers?

Marketing to an offline, local audience is different than marketing to a global, online one. While certainly, digital marketing can help create awareness of your brand with local shoppers, you’ll also need a healthy mix of offline tactics to balance it out. Here are [...]

Get Gift Card Savvy! Tips for Redemption

A guest blog post from our friends at Patti Biro & Associates Nearly very spa, salon or medical spa has been promoting the sale of gift cards for holiday gift giving. But selling a card is only part of the story-now is the time to [...]

Why You Should Pay Close Attention to the Voice of Your Employees

A guest blog post from our friends at InMoment. “The customer is always right.” You’ve probably heard that a million times. But let’s talk about what happens when the employee is right, and how your company can benefit from listening to its frontline employees. [...]

5 Customer Retention Tools for Small Business

A guest blog post from our friends at TextMagic Everyone knows that small businesses have an ace up their sleeves when it comes to customer service. They’re small enough to offer a personalized customer experience whereas larger businesses simply don’t have the manpower to [...]

How To Use Technology To Provide A Better Customer Experience

I've been in the retail industry for more than 20 years and I can tell you that today's modern shopper is tech-savvy and constantly on the go. With the use of technology implemented in society, shoppers expect retailers to be just as up to date, [...]

Take Your Customer Service to Social Media

Great customer service is essential when it comes to building an excellent reputation for your business.  According to customer service speaker Shep Hyken, 78% of consumers have decided not to go through with a purchase because of poor customer service. It's long been known that [...]