I’ve been in the retail industry for more than 20 years and I can tell you that today’s modern shopper is tech-savvy and constantly on the go. With the use of technology implemented in society, shoppers expect retailers to be just as up to date, if not more, when it comes to their retail experience. In order to keep up with today’s fast-paced society, it’s vital to utilize the technologies available to you, so you can stay relevant and have a lasting impression on your customers.

Mobile POS

There’s no secret, exceptional customer service is still the key in creating a lasting and positive shopping experience for your customer. However, 50% of shoppers today price check online, and 32% expect a retailer to be able to order an item not in stock and have it shipped to their home. Mobile POS allows sales associates to provide an in-store experience the consumer can’t get online, giving the retailer a better chance to make that sale.

By using a mobile POS, sales associates can effectively move through lines faster to create a quick and positive customer service experience. Sales can be rung up at the point of decision with a mobile POS and associates can up sell by suggesting accessories to buy with a purchase. Customers feel valued when an associate can locate an item not in stock and either have it sent to them directly or at a nearby store, offering the item they’re searching for. A long checkout line is the quickest way to lose a customer, so having a mobile POS allows an associate to hop in and make that sale. Reduced transaction time equals more sales and happier customers.


E-Receipts are booming in the retail industry because it gives you an opportunity to strategically market your campaigns with customized emails to your customers, based on what they like. A customer email address is powerful information that allows you to learn more and connect with your customers. E-Receipts allow you to send targeted email offers and advertisements based on past purchases. You can target the same list with your regular email marketing communications to send your latest news, direct traffic to your website and/or store and determine what your customers respond to best through your reports. Additionally, you can assign each line item on a social sharing button so customers can instantly post and share with their friends what they purchased and where. E-Receipts are a great opportunity to connect with customers; by sending them relevant information you can position the customer to continuously come back.

Customer service innovation is being highly driven through technology. It is key to stay up to date on current technology trends, while continuing to provide excellent customer service, which is the foundation of your business. As a retailer, you can offer discounts and specials to tempt customers, but at the end of the day the in-store shopping experience trumps all of that. The modern, tech-savvy consumer is the one driving the paradigm shift, so position yourself to the future and keep your customers coming back.

This post was contributed by Scott Kreisberg of One Step Retail Solutions. Scott Kreisberg is the Founder and CEO of One Step Retail Solutions.  After graduating from college with a double Bachelors of Science degree in Finance and Marketing, Kreisberg established One Step Data in June of 1985. He consulted businesses, selling them computer hardware and software that made it easier for them to run their businesses more efficiently. In 1987, after some investigation, Kreisberg soon recognized that the retail POS/Inventory Control market was a niche yet to be developed for the small to medium-sized retailers. He came to the realization that with his passion for retail and knowledge of computer technology he could help many retailers.