New Facebook Layout: Featured Call-to-Action and Smaller Profile Picture

Facebook is slowly rolling out changes to the business page layout. Don’t panic! While not major, these layout changes can impact your customer conversions and make you more successful on social media. Get more engagement from the call-to-action button Since last year, business pages [...]

How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page

Last week, Facebook introduced the verified checkmark (✓) for local business pages. It's easy to get your business verified, and ensures that your official page will appear higher in Facebook search results. To verify your page: Click Settings at [...]

Marketing to Millennials

If your store has been around for a few years, you probably have some loyal customers you know by name. Many of these customers are part of the Baby Boomer generation and respond well to more traditional marketing and advertising. But there is a [...]

Social Media Branding: What it is and what YOU need to know!

Most of us automatically recognize the golden arches, Nike's swoosh symbol, the apple for Mac products and what they stand for. Branding isn't only important for big name companies, but also a responsibility for small businesses. Just as your personal social media profiles are outlets [...]

Customer Feedback for Small Business

Your store may not have a physical "suggestion box," but there are many new ways to find helpful feedback that may not be so obvious. The more you know your audience, the better you can tailor your messaging to resonate with their interests and needs. [...]

Take Your Customer Service to Social Media

Great customer service is essential when it comes to building an excellent reputation for your business.  According to customer service speaker Shep Hyken, 78% of consumers have decided not to go through with a purchase because of poor customer service. It's long been known that [...]

Getting Social: A Beginners Guide to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

This post was originally published by Independent Retailer and featured as the cover story in their June 2013 print edition. It's natural for society to push back when change occurs. We all become accustomed to our daily routines and business operations. When a natural routine is [...]