Take Your Customer Service to Social Media

Great customer service is essential when it comes to building an excellent reputation for your business.  According to customer service speaker Shep Hyken, 78% of consumers have decided not to go through with a purchase because of poor customer service. It's long been known that [...]

Getting Social: A Beginners Guide to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

This post was originally published by Independent Retailer and featured as the cover story in their June 2013 print edition. It's natural for society to push back when change occurs. We all become accustomed to our daily routines and business operations. When a natural routine is [...]

Beat Out the Big Boxes: Integrating Email & Social Media

Years ago, your big-box competition had a monopoly on advertising. They inundated potential customers with 30-second television spots highlighting their low prices and must-have products. They followed up with billboards showcasing a season-specific product that their customers could not live without. Soon after that, they [...]