How to Make Amazing Instagram Posts to Drive Conversions

Introduction According to the latest statistics, Instagram is the home for more than 71 percent of businesses, with more than 8 million active business accounts. The influence of this social media is so large that it's almost impossible to imagine a brand launching a [...]

Increase Your Marketing Engagement with Instagram Images

How important are images? The short answer is very! But, what are the details that support that answer? First, articles with images get 94% more total views on average. That success continues to Facebook where engagement rates for photos are 37% higher over text only. Does that [...]

Instagram Changes Image Feed

Instagram recently announced that it will start showing posts in order of importance instead of chronological order. This is a huge shift for the company as it adopts an algorithm similar to big brother, Facebook. According to Optical Cortex data, Instagram users follow an average [...]

How to Switch Between Accounts on Instagram

Instagrammers rejoice! We can now easily switch between accounts. Gone are the days of logging out of one account, logging into another (and if you’re like me resetting your password because you’ve forgotten it), then logging out, and logging in to the original account. One [...]

Top Instagram Tips for Retailers

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms among people of all ages, and savvy businesses are finding creative ways to tap into its potential as a new marketing channel. Keep reading for the best Instagram tips for retailers. If you’re [...]

Marketing with Instagram

More than 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram since its inception, quickly earning recognition as the number one photo sharing social network. Retailers around the world use Instagram to share photos of their staff, store, products and events in order to gain a [...]

Instagram and Your Small Business

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are social media staples for your business. Add Instagram and you're expanding your reach into a larger social community. Small businesses are joining Instagram to share pictures and short videos of products, store events and store happenings. Simply download the mobile [...]