7 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty For Your Small Business

Customer loyalty is essential for the ongoing success of any small business. Research shows that actually acquiring new customers is as much as 10 times pricier than selling to an existing buyer. On top of this, loyal customers tend to spend almost 70 percent [...]

Running an Omnichannel Jewelry Store

A guest blog post from our friends at The Edge Retail Academy Today’s customers are tech savvy and multi-channel customers. Even though the majority of sales take place in brick & mortar, online channels and social media have a dramatic impact on consumer behavior. [...]

Pt 1: Building Customer Loyalty Through Customer Appreciation

Building customer loyalty through online customer appreciation is essential in nurturing long-time relationships. Connecting with your following both online and off will keep your brand top-of-mind when customers are looking for something specific. Why would someone check off their grocery list at a chain store [...]

Pt 2: Building Customer Loyalty Through Online Customer Appreciation

So you're back for more online customer appreciation tips to get your social following buzzin' about your biz. If you've implemented the tips from Part 1 of this series then you've learned how valuable positive word-of-mouth marketing can be for your store. Now it's time [...]