Retaining your customers of the utmost importance in today’s marketing industry. No matter how enticing it is to attract new customers, your business relies on your customer core. Analyze this:

  • 65% of the business for a company comes from its existing customers.
  • There’s a 60-70% probability that your existing customers will buy from you again.

Having a dedicated group of customers from the beginning allows you to increase your brand reputation. By rewarding them for your loyalty, you will ensure the future of your brand.

Outside of the usual customer retention tactics, email marketing is an underrated tool. To show you how to retain your customers better and grow your business, we’ve compiled a list of tips. With these seven simple tricks, any customer retention problems will be a thing of the past.

Send welcome emails

What should a good welcome email contain? Michelle Wood, the customer retention specialist at EssayOnTime has a rather simple explanation on how to deal with welcome emails. An explanation based on the real-time results she achieved for her company.

She says, “A welcome email does three main things. It introduces your brand, tells your customers to take action and gives them the means to take action. More brands should focus on sending out welcome emails. The emails allow you to establish a good first impression and increase your chances of retaining each customer.”

Amongst other things, a welcome email should be brisk and simple. Include links to your social media channels and have people connect with you. If you’ve promised anything in your ad, include it in your welcome mail as well. This will send a message of consistency to your customers.

Follow up a welcome email with a randomized gift system

Gifts are a great way of incentivizing your customers to stay loyal to your brand. However, no brand in the world can afford to send out gifts to every customer.

The solution to this problem lies in this easy and efficient email marketing trick. Automatize the selection of new customers and pick 10-20% to whom you will send a coupon/gift email.

Doing this simple email trick will show your customers that you care about them and that you’re not afraid to invest in them. The fact that you didn’t gift everyone will be overshadowed by this gesture. By word of mouth, people will spread positive things about your brand, due to just one move.

Use the 80-20 rule for email marketing

When utilizing the power of email to market your brand and products, use the best ways to implement 80/20 rule. In every campaign and with every customer, there is a moment where promotion becomes too much.

The “80” part refers to the 80% of your customer-directed emails that should be related to helping the customer. The remaining 20% refers to the amount that should be promotional emails. Just by calibrating the amount of promotional content, you will retain more customers.

Losing your core customer group is most often due to an overwhelming amount of blatant promotion and product marketing. Your brand is about the customer, and your products are to help the customer, not to earn money.

Make the unsubscribe option clearly visible

While this is deemed as unpopular in the marketing industry, it can be the trick that allows you to retain your customers. The chances are that some people have a need for your services, but they dislike receiving emails all the time.

As a marketer, you must dedicate time to these people as well. Having a visible “unsubscribe” button is the solution to this problem.

By doing so, you will make them realize that you still care about them. Moreover, respect is the message that you will be sending. People will still buy your products, and they may not even unsubscribe when they see your regard for them.

Cart recovery emails are a must

Numerous customers abandon their shopping carts every day. Most brands disregard them, but sending them emails might be the key to customer retention. So, what should a good email contain in this case?

First, it should be brief. Have a short intro reminding them that they’ve abandoned their cart. Make the process of purchase easier and limit it to one click.

Insert a clear call-to-action to urge them to return to their cart. A big no-no is including more links, promotions or anything else. Keep your email clean and crisp. Offer free shipping and a discount that revolves around 3-8% percent. A combination of these incentives will help you retain customers.

Post-purchase emails

Post-purchase emails are an important, but underrated part of email marketing. What is their purpose? For one, they are the main tool that customers can use to educate themselves about the product.

Write them in a cheerful and celebratory tone, congratulating the customer for making a wise decision. Depending on the product you’re selling, you can include an additional discount for a select item.

Additionally, you can suggest items that go with it. For clothing, this can include similar or matching items. For electronics, accessories that are used together are also a good idea. Overall, use the best tactics to derive desired results out of post-purchase emails.

Birthday and loyalty emails

The art of sending out birthday emails is a lost one, but customers do appreciate them. It takes minimal effort to automatize this part of your marketing strategy, and the results are well worth it.

The somewhat underrated idea is to provide your customers with loyalty emails as well. For those that made multiple purchases or who have been subscribed for a long time, prepare rewards.

For instance, if a person’s birthday is today and they’ve been your customer for three years, send them a today-only 30% discount coupon. These things cost only a tiny fraction of your profits but work wonders for customer retention. It’s all about sending a message that you care about the customer. With this strategy, you will succeed in it.

Concluding thoughts

Email marketing is no exception to other facets of promoting your products. Stay creative and remember that it’s all about the customer. Have a plan prepared and utilize the tips mentioned above. Things like birthday emails and abandoned cart emails mean a lot to people and can help you retain them.

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