Instagram is a huge growth channel that virtually every business can benefit from, regardless of industry. But it’s a visual platform, and that means you need to embrace a creative approach that makes your business Instagrammable too.

Naturally, high-quality photography is how you achieve this. Read on to learn why and how you can use it to make your business more click-worthy.


It conveys trust and authenticity in a digital age

In the technologically-advanced age we live in, there’s no excuse for poor-quality visuals. With so much technology at our fingertips, there’s no reason to use shoddy photos for your business. In fact, customers now associate poor-quality photos with poor businesses.

For instance, if you visit an online store and find mediocre visuals, you’ll immediately be put off — that’s as true for you as it is for your customers. This is why site platforms with great templates are so popular.

If you’re not sure where your CMS stands, you should read an ecommerce platforms review. You’ll learn that a system like Squarespace will always produce sites that look good, but other options aren’t as reliable.

Customers expect images and photos from your business, and they are conditioned to expect high-quality visuals from brands. It communicates trust and quality, so it’s imperative that you strive for it and avoid the major mistakes (such as these).

If your site doesn’t look rock-solid, it won’t seem trustworthy. Do what you can on your current platform to make all the site elements (but particularly the photos) look great.

It speaks more about your product than copy ever can

For many businesses, high-quality photography is more than a luxury — it’s a necessity.

If you sell a SaaS product, then it’s not likely you’ll need photography to convey your product’s features and functions. But if you sell aesthetic items such as jewelry or apparel, photography is essential.

Good photography speaks more about your product than copy ever could. It helps customers engage with your product, making it tangible and, as a result, more desirable a purchase too. It’s also great for SEO.

It’s simple, affordable, and easy to do

Finally, you should use high-quality photography simply because it’s easy to do.

Look at any recently-released smartphone and you’ll find a good camera that’s capable of taking high-quality photos. Many devices even come with different styles, such as portrait mode (how to use it).

Even if you do spring for a camera, a decent model isn’t prohibitively expensive. You can find affordable models online that provide high-quality photos that are perfect for your business.

And it’s not as though working your photos into your online presence will be a challenge. There’s a prevalence of what-you-see-is-what-you-get website builders on the market these days, making it easy to drag-and-drop your preferred layout.

Provided you can add custom HTML, you can also draw upon the process of embedding to do more interesting things. You can add your Instagram feed to your homepage in just a few steps (EmbedSocial has a guide on how to do this for free).

A few tips to take your photography further

You already know the value of high-quality photography. Here are a few tips to help you take it that bit further for your Instagram.


Craft a beautiful offline space for your brand

Beyond your actual products, consider your other business elements too. While ecommerce has arguably led to a decline in offline retail, real-world experiences still play a role in consumer decisions.

Indeed, it is this emphasis on ‘experiences’ that matters when it comes to making your business Instagrammable.

Your retail space (whether permanent or pop-up) is a great opportunity for expressing your creativity and getting your brand seen on social.

Spend some time creating a beautiful retail space. Minimalism is especially crucial, creating a pleasant space that suits the aesthetically-pleasing vibe of Instagram. Avoid excessive clutter and strive for an artistic space that looks good.

As well as providing great content to share on your Instagram, it also makes for the kind of content your offline customers will share too.

Build your branding into your photography

What really makes your business more Instagrammable is creating a coherent and recognizable brand.

Branding encompasses a lot of things: language, color schemes, tone of voice, and more. These permeate every part of your business, from your website to your email marketing.

But in terms of photography, branding means finding a distinct photographic style that people come to associate with your business. Lighting, filters, subject — these elements and more all go into creating branded photography that resonates with your Instagram audience.


Create an unboxing experience to drive UGC

Making your business Instagrammable is particularly important for retail businesses, and your products form an important part of your Instagram strategy.

First and foremost, this will be the product photos you share on your Instagram. Naturally, you should only share high-quality snaps of your products on social — it helps convey your product to prospective customers, making them more tangible and, as a result, more attractive a purchase too.

But it also includes your UGC — the photos that your customers take of your products. Of course, you can’t change the way your products look just for the sake of making them Instagrammable.

But you can change how they’re presented by creating an unboxing experience. Deliver your products in beautiful packaging and include personal notes or free gifts inside. Little aesthetic touches like these strengthen your customer relationships and make for perfect Instagram content, both from you and your customers.

The advice above will help you create an Instagrammable brand that works for you and your customers on the visual social platform. Follow the tips above and enjoy the benefits of an Insta-friendly business.





Rodney Laws is an online entrepreneur who has been building online businesses for over a decade. He knows what it’s like to see websites both succeed and fail – even the best business ideas can fall short. Find out how he can help you by visiting or heading over to @EcomPlatformsio.