With so much content being produced these days that users hardly have time to consume, you might have observed that organic reach for businesses is on a decline.

However, at the same time, social media stories have emerged as a strong proponent that timely released content is still valuable. Understanding your audiences has become vital. Not only does it help to provide greater ROI in terms of the effort and time that is vested in their creation, but they also offer various other benefits as well.

In a recent study by Social Pilot, over 500 million stories are shared on Facebook every day, with stories sticker enhancing video performance by 83% of the time.

Furthermore, brands post an average of 2.5 stories on Instagram per week.

They also pay influencers, anywhere from $43 to $721, for coverage in their stories. Moreover, US marketers have been observed to spend 31% of their Instagram budget on stories. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how social media stories can impact your branding.


Add Links

Perhaps one of the best features that you can make use of when posting stories is by adding useful links to divert the traffic to your website, landing pages, product listings, online store, or any other e-commerce platform for that matter. For a personal account on Facebook, sharing a link through your story is easy. Just go to the link that you want to share and select the option, share to your story.


For a Facebook page (with less than 10,000 fans) you can share stories with a link to your website “only” along with predefined CTAs. However, for Facebook pages with more than 10,000 fans, you get to edit the URL that you want to include in your story. However, for Instagram, this can be a tad bit difficult because the ‘swipe-up’ option is so far restricted only to profiles that are either verified or have 10,000 followers.


Deliver Strong CTAs

Social media platforms thrive on strong visuals and powerful imagery to entice audiences. The only thing that can further boost the impact of creatively designed stories and make users take a decision to act are CTAs. Call to actions, and their common variations are already available for you to include on my social media platforms, including the likes of buy now, shop now, visit store, etc.

They are gentle nudges that can even attract potential buyers who may not go for purchase instantly. Once they click on the CTA embedded on to your story, then that is secured as a win. Whether your store or offered products attract their attention for a future buy is a completely another story for another day.


Share Your Live Video

Live videos have picked up a lot of buzz around the internet. People are interested in the ‘now’ rather than watching a pre-recorded or scripted media. Live is enthralling, exciting, and makes your viewers feel the exclusivity of the event.

Many Chinese multi-national corporations have already registered outstanding responses for their live streams and some of them making millions of dollars. One of the best examples of such wonders is none other than Huang Wei, who is known as China’s Livestream Shopping Queen.


Include Polls

If you want to make things interesting, then adding a poll to your story is a great idea. They are quite engaging for the audience, and they never take more than a minute to participate. Polls are quick and easy for both the branding department and the online community.


In a couple of clicks, users can register their answer and voila! You get to benefit from incredible insights that could help your business to make decisions for the future and even develop long term plans as well as strategies based around them. For Instagram, users simply go to create my story to select the poll option. Same goes for Facebook as well.


Make Most OF Location Tagging

Location tagging is great if you want to get traction for local users. Not only does it get you to enjoy the greater engagement, but it also offers you more exposure to attract customers with minimal effort.


Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now smart enough to give you this option almost with every type of content creation on their respective platforms.


Shout Out TO Fans

And why should you not? I mean the greatest success of all celebrities, music bands, movies, entertainment industries, sports, and various other ventures is all because of the power of people supporting them. Do you think Led Zeppelin would have sold millions of records if nobody was there to appreciate their talent? It is always the fans that make you accomplish incredible milestones.

They give you the power to become a legend so give them the due credit they deserve! A lot of student celebrities these days who acquire academic writing services also take time out to personally congratulate their followers on their accomplishments.



In a connected world where more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being produced every day, social media stories have emerged as a viable mean to excite users still. In fact, good storytelling has always been a core for a good social and content strategy.

It allows you to build the narrative needed to connect with your audiences and develop deeper ties with them. Nearly every social media platform has realized this potential and therefore, are readily offering you the means and tools for telling stories to excite customers and users to no end.




Samantha Kaylee currently works as an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer. This is where higher education students can pay for essay to acquire professional support of experts specializing in their field of study. During her free time, she likes to binge-watch a popular TV series on Netflix.