18 Tips & Strategies to Drive Sales using E-Commerce Marketing

  Today, having an e-commerce website even for small business owners is the way towards expanding and reaching a larger audience. While your e-commerce website is the body, e-commerce marketing is the soul that drives the website to introduce your brand to more and more [...]

How to Craft Your E-Commerce Business’s Return Policy

Online e-commerce businesses face significant hurdles when it comes to the high cost and logistical challenges involved in customer returns and exchanges. Understanding why a return policy is important, and knowing how to craft one that attracts and retains customers, is essential for the success [...]

15 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

When owning an online business, the conversion rate is the feature that has the potential to make or break the company. And, with 47 billion e-commerce sites online already, being the one stand out that people chose to purchase from can be hard to achieve.  [...]

8 Common Ecommerce Fulfillment Problems and How to Fix Them

According to an infographic from Milo Local Shopping, 38% of online consumers will not proceed with buying a product if shipping will take more than a week. And you might be one of them. But whether you own a small business or you are a [...]

Why Small Businesses Must Communicate Clearly to Customers About Shipping

In the wake of Amazon’s commitment to one and two-day shipping, fast delivery is becoming the new normal in e-commerce. According to CNN, 85% of online shoppers have made a purchase from Amazon in the last six months. As more customers purchase from the e-commerce [...]

5 Low-Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

The desire not to risk a large sum of money when starting a business is perfectly justified. Even if you conducted a thorough analysis of the target audience, made sure that your offer will have a response, thought out a business strategy, investing a huge [...]

4 Simple Ways to Help Your Business Shine this Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday has been an important part of improving small business and is founded by American Express. Established in 2010, the event takes place on the Saturday that follows Thanksgiving.    The day is a call to action to actively support small businesses in [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business SEO in 2019

Modern businesses have an extra joker under their sleeves today, one that can give them bigger reach than it was ever possible. They have access to the Internet and therefore, a chance to reach a much bigger audience. That being said, every small business needs [...]

How Do Consumers Use Retail Apps?

A recent study by Visual Objects found that most consumers use shopping apps a few times per week and are most likely to access: Mass merchant retailer apps such as Target, Walmart, or Costco Pure online retailer apps such as Amazon or Overstock Food and [...]