3 New SnapRetail Features to Help You Reach More Customers

At SnapRetail, it’s our mission to take our independent retailers above and beyond in their online marketing endeavors. April’s product release is packed with new SnapRetail features and enhancements that will continue to set our customers apart from their competition. Keep reading to learn about selling [...]

The 5 W’s of Facebook’s Website Custom Audience Pixel

Read this quick, 3-minute blog post for the who, what, where, when, and why of Facebook’s Website Custom Audience Pixels The Website Custom Audience Pixel is a powerful component of Facebook’s advertising platform that lets you create Facebook Ads that target people who have visited [...]

Introducing Brand Identity in SnapRetail

At SnapRetail, it is our mission to help independent retailers reach their customers, build their brand and grow sales through smart online marketing. In an effort to support our customers, we welcome an exciting addition to our content library: Brand Identity- available to all subscribers. [...]

Adding Personalization to Your Email Marketing

Personalizing customer emails can help you build loyalty and strengthen relationships with your customers. That's why we've added new features to make it easy for you to collect customer information, create lists and send beautiful emails to your customers. By adding a personal touch to [...]

Introducing The SnapRetail Resource Center

Craving a pick-me-up to turn up your day, you find yourself in front of a vending machine. Browsing the vast selection of goodies, you make a selection and add money to complete your purchase. Within seconds, your sweet treat is delivered instantly to your fingertips. [...]

Marketing with Instagram

More than 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram since its inception, quickly earning recognition as the number one photo sharing social network. Retailers around the world use Instagram to share photos of their staff, store, products and events in order to gain a [...]

Beat Out the Big Boxes: Integrating Email & Social Media

Years ago, your big-box competition had a monopoly on advertising. They inundated potential customers with 30-second television spots highlighting their low prices and must-have products. They followed up with billboards showcasing a season-specific product that their customers could not live without. Soon after that, they [...]