At SnapRetail, it’s our mission to take our independent retailers above and beyond in their online marketing endeavors. April’s product release is packed with new SnapRetail features and enhancements that will continue to set our customers apart from their competition. Keep reading to learn about selling products online, managing your website’s navigation and targeting people on Facebook who visit your website.

Email, Images, and More With ShopifyShopify Integration:  Part 1

We are excited to announce the first phase of our integration with Shopify. This product update will provide our subscribers with even more freedom and features when it comes to their online store. See some examples below:

  • Images – Product images will be organized by association. This means that whenever a retailer uploads a product to their online store, for example – a red shirt, all images of that exact product will become available to upload easily if desired.
  • Customer Information – As retailers update customer information in Shopify (add people to new email lists) this will sync with SnapRetail with no additional steps.

Navigation thumbnailNon-Navigation & Deleted Pages

Since the release of Websites, our team has been working to improve this optional feature, considering both subscriber feedback and their own expertise. This month we’re excited to announce that users are able to hide and delete pages. Now retailers will be able to delete pages that no longer apply to their website – rather than only having the option to edit them. Retailers will have the freedom to schedule a page to publish wherever they want it to appear in their navigation bar. Other updates have been implemented to avoid clashing pages.

Facebook advertising announcement for SnapRetailSEO Part 3: Facebook Tracking Pixel

If you have a SnapRetail website, you can create a Facebook ad designed specifically to drive traffic to your website. Our new Facebook Tracking Pixel feature makes this possible through a copy and paste function to your homepage or custom page. Creating a conversion tracking pixel gives you the ability to track who converts as a result of your Facebook ads. Learn more about Facebook Tracking Pixels from our last blog post.

Onward and upward!

The wheels never stop turning at SnapRetail and our subscribers remain top-of-mind. Every ounce of effort goes towards providing you with the latest, greatest and most efficient ways to market your businesses. Stay tuned for next months product release blog for even more exciting and new SnapRetail features!