New to Omnichannel Marketing? 7 Things Every Retailer Should Know

When it comes to marketing, the more channels you connect to consumers through, the more customers you’ll get. Today’s consumers — 72% of them anyway, want to connect to brands through multiple channels. It’s up to you to find the channels that your customers [...]

5 Creative Ways To Use Video Content To Brand Your Store

A guest post from our friends at Fit Small Business When it comes to digital marketing, every word you write, photo you share, or video you produce—all your content—is a reflection of your brand. Anything you post to your channels or outlets is [...]

Introducing Brand Identity in SnapRetail

At SnapRetail, it is our mission to help independent retailers reach their customers, build their brand and grow sales through smart online marketing. In an effort to support our customers, we welcome an exciting addition to our content library: Brand Identity- available to all subscribers. [...]

Social Media Branding: What it is and what YOU need to know!

Most of us automatically recognize the golden arches, Nike's swoosh symbol, the apple for Mac products and what they stand for. Branding isn't only important for big name companies, but also a responsibility for small businesses. Just as your personal social media profiles are outlets [...]