Marketing Essentials: 8 Tips for Managing Your Subscribers

Despite newer marketing tactics like mobile or social media getting more attention these days, the fact remains: email marketing is still highly effective for boosting sales. In fact, 81% of marketers say it drives customer acquisition for their brands. But email marketing success starts [...]

7 Essential Email Marketing Tricks for Customer Retention

Retaining your customers of the utmost importance in today’s marketing industry. No matter how enticing it is to attract new customers, your business relies on your customer core. Analyze this: 65% of the business for a company comes from its existing customers. There’s a [...]

How to Manage a Month of Event and Marketing Planning

Your personal calendar, whether digital or paper, is used for more than a reminder of the time and location of your dinner date next Friday. It's where you note when your bills are due, where the birthdays of your friends and loved ones are stored [...]