Your personal calendar, whether digital or paper, is used for more than a reminder of the time and location of your dinner date next Friday. It’s where you note when your bills are due, where the birthdays of your friends and loved ones are stored and where the countdown to your next vacation is noted. It’s the source of your future and a memento of your past. In other words, your calendar isn’t just a date-keeper; it’s a connection between you and the rest of your world.

Think of your store calendar in the same aspect. Do you organize all of your events and marketing initiatives? If so, great! You’re already on the right track, but SnapRetail can make managing your calendar even easier. If not, imagine what it would be like to have a calendar that helps you maintain the same level of organization as your personal calendar. SnapRetail’s latest Calendar iteration allows you to plan not only your store marketing, but also track important store events, like vacations, shipments and floor moves, keeping everything you need to run your store in one place. It streamlines your planning process and saves you time so you can do what’s most important; interact with your customers.

Marketing planning for the organized store owner

The key to successful marketing is to develop an effective marketing plan. Start with sales, specials, product arrivals, events and parties because those events already have assigned dates. Devote time to sit down and schedule a month’s worth of marketing a few weeks before the month begins. Schedule your email sends and social media posts for each individual event. A great best practice to follow for events, and promotions, is to tease, invite and remind. Grab your customers’ attention through social media before sending an email with full details. This keeps your store top-of-mind to your customers, and if they remember your event or promotion, it’s more likely they will attend. For SnapRetail subscribers, any email or social post you schedule will appear on your Calendar. This gives you a full view of what’s happening with events or promotions, and makes it easy to see what days are missing communications. Then, you can fill in the empty dates with pre-written social media posts. Voila! Your marketing for the month is complete.

The marriage between your store operations and marketing

Keep the ball rolling when it comes to your store operations. Like your promotions, with SnapRetail’s Calendar you can schedule your store events. These events make up the operational pieces of running a business. Although the events will vary by store, this can include inventory, fixture installation, store re-merchandising, employee time off, shipments, community events, appointments, payday and sale or special start and stop dates. Once these important dates are scheduled, you can then view any overlaps or gaps in scheduling and can adjust your schedule accordingly.

A robust calendar for all of your important dates

After your month is scheduled, you can look back at your filled Calendar and relax! Your entire month is in front of you, digitally, instead of on numerous calendars. SnapRetail’s new and improved Calendar makes it easy, fast and fun to schedule your marketing and event planning, all in one place. If you still like to have a physical calendar in your hands or would like to give a copy to your employees, you can print out your Calendar. Because you plan your month worth of marketing weeks in advance, if something changes and you need to edit your Calendar, simply print out a new version. No erasers or Wite-Out required.

To learn how to manage your marketing and event planning in one digital Calendar, request a demo today.