The holidays are the optimal time to generate interest in our businesses. They can bring new revenue, and provide cheer to all who visit. Yet, we need to make sure we are taking the right steps to make this festive season a successful one.

Make Your Storefront Festive

It’s no secret that stores that decorate for the winter season see more shoppers. Not only that, but shoppers also tend to linger longer at stores with festive environments, which can translate into more purchases. It’s a form of advertisement as much as it is a celebration of the season. Seasonal decorations can also keep your employees’ spirits up as well, so indulge in some festive embellishments. It doesn’t need to take much effort, and a few touches can make all the difference. Put up some Christmas tree lights around the interior, and add some hanging baubles. What’s more, a festive storefront is an inviting one, so think about adding a flocked Christmas tree. Artificial flocked trees can be used time and again (many last for up to 10 years), and they can end up costing less money than the real deal.

Update Your Mailing List

If you don’t typically send out mailers, you may want to change your mind for the season and opt for a festive holiday card. Advertising sales can garner interest, especially if you team up with other businesses in your area. If everyone holds a pavement sale on the same day, it can become a festive holiday event where people can have fun while doing some holiday shopping. If you don’t think physical mailers are practical for your business, create an email version. Notify customers of upcoming pre-holiday sales, or get creative and make gift guides of popular items in-store. You can make your email leaflet as colorful and festive as you like, as well as offer bonuses if customers sign up for regular emails to keep your brand in their minds.

Pumping Up Staff for the Holiday Rush

The holidays can take its toll on retail workers, so think about how you will schedule during the winter. After all, your team will probably want days off during this period to spend with their loved ones, which can make vacation-planning a delicate balance of meeting everyone’s needs coupled with what the store itself requires. This is the time to shop, so your crew may end up running ragged and getting sick if they don’t have enough support. If your business calls for it, you may want to hire extra help to get through the holidays while keeping customers and employees happy. Don’t wait to the last second, either; they will need time to train to learn the ropes. You should provide your team with the tools they need for success, which means giving them time to learn upcoming promotions. And there really should be promotions or a daily theme, such as the Twelve Days of Christmas, where every day has a new offer.

Giving Back to Your Community

The holidays are the perfect time to give support. If you’re looking for ways to contribute to the community that supports your business, do not fret — there are many options available. If money is tight, you can think beyond a tangible donation and instead get together with your employees to donate time to a local cause. It could be cleaning up the beach, working at a food pantry or homeless shelter — whatever is available and near to your heart. You could donate a percentage of your proceeds to a favorite charity or sponsor a charitable event yourself. Hold a canned food drive, and for every can donated, give a percentage off a purchase.

You don’t need to transform your store into the Macy’s Christmas display, but a few thoughtful decorations can bring cheer and interest to your business. People love to see what is new, and it gladdens them to know a business they frequent is committed to their community. Get your staff ready, and enjoy the holiday spirit and festivities.