Small Business Saturday has been an important part of improving small business and is founded by American Express. Established in 2010, the event takes place on the Saturday that follows Thanksgiving. 


The day is a call to action to actively support small businesses in your community, and it invites businesses to participate in an array of activities and initiatives in support of growing small businesses. With the culture of entrepreneurship growing in America, a day like this is becoming a holiday tradition in its own right. 


Small Business Saturday is an excellent way to engage your community in the product or service you offer. Here are some excellent ways to have an awesome Small Business Saturday.



1. Actively Promote Your Activities for the Day


Small Business Saturday is an excellent opportunity to market your business and widen your customer base. Marketing your activities or event for the day is important. You should prepare a campaign that will resonate with your existing and potential clients. 


Once you have decided on your activities for the day, you need to begin creating hype by sharing your activities frequently on various platforms such as your website. Social media marketing is imperative because most people use social media to stay abreast of what is happening in their communities. 


You can also use your community calendar to post events and handout flyers as the event draws closer. American Express also offers customized marketing materials for each participating business on the day. This can either add on or relieve the stress of having to create a new campaign from scratch.


Another marketing strategy is to run innovative competitions and discounts for people who share the event. Small Business Saturdays is also an excellent opportunity to interact with the customer base before the actual day of the event. There are also websites focused on community activities that you can partner with for a wider reach.



2. Partner with Other Businesses and the Community


Partnering with fellow entrepreneurs is another way to expand market reach. The business you partner with should not be a direct competitor. However, it should be a business that can complement your own. 


The partnership adds to increasing your odds at improving your audience base and encourages a culture of businesses promoting one another. Cross-promotion is ideal because it diversifies the client experience and they get to know more than one business at the same time. 


Community engagement is also at the core of ensuring your planned activities are successful for the day, and you can do this by encouraging clients to become involved in one way or another. Client engagement is also a good way to gain traction and exposure before the actual event. 


Community engagement is very different from generic marketing, it is an engaging process that allows you to gain more insight into how you can work to improve your company. 


Your event might also need extra hands or people with specific to work on the day. With the right type of client engagement, you can win over a new customer base and gain access to new skills within your community.



3. Prepare to Make the Day Memorable


Small Business Saturday might sound pretty boring to any ordinary person but if you are able to prepare your staff and location well, it will be exciting. One of the first interactions a client has is with your staff, and you need to make it a point to prepare them for the day. 


Apart from ensuring a pleasant customer experience, you also need to ensure that the business is well-staffed for the day. It is important to establish etiquette rules as you already do on a daily basis. If you are running a business while studying, you might consider using boom essays to help with your assignments. 


Place emphasis on the fact that customer care is a priority in your business, and your employees should uphold the same principle. Another important aspect of preparing for the day is by ensuring the availability of stock and ensuring that top-selling items are available. 


You also need to make it easy for your customers to find you at your location by using clear signage that is eye-catching. Your customers need to find you easily on the day because in some towns it gets very busy. 


Small Business Saturday is an avenue that is difficult and requires a range of skills, logical thinking and you need to study the relevant knowledge.



4. Make the Customer Feel Appreciated


No matter how busy the event is, ensure that you and the staff thank them for their support. You can also make your customers feel special by giving away goodie bags or special offers for future purchases. 


A good way to document feedback is by keeping a logbook of customer details with the contacts, and perhaps comments and complaints. A list or a logbook will also allow you to follow up with an email or a text. Consider creating an online review platform like UKessays review where customers can add what their experience was like. 


Small Business Saturday also centers around creating bonds between businesses and their communities. Although it only lasts one day, the effects can continue throughout the year and clients come back based on their experience. It is a good way to also attract new customers who would not typically walk into your store.





Small Business Saturday, if correctly taken advantage, can transform the way a business operates immensely through powerful connections with their clients and other businesses. The day will leave a lasting impression of your customer, so it is important to understand the importance of engagement in business. 


Word of mouth remains one of the most active forms of marketing and you may see more foot traffic after the event. By simply planning ahead for the day – clients will experience something pleasant, which will keep them coming back for more. Since its inception, Small Business Saturday has grown a lot of businesses that continue to thrive. 




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