Making your presence on the platform where you can get the recognition you deserve is the initial step to attain your goal. It is rare to find people without an Instagram account, so the social network has 500 million active users, who are consuming Instagram feeds in a daily routine. Let’s know some updates of Instagram from 2019, which you must utilize effectively. 


1. Dark Mode To Explore More:

Do your eyes get tired when you want to engage more on Instagram? Try Trollishly to make your time engaged valuable. Here is a solution! Instagram has introduced Dark Mode to prevent your eyes from getting tired swiftly. Now you can convert your Instagram interface on iOs 13 and Android 10 platforms to the dark theme for endless enjoyment. 


How To Switch To The Dark Theme?

  • On iOS – Open settings app and tap Display & Brightness, and tap on the Dark button. 
  • On Android 10 – Go to the settings app and tap display then tap on dark themes. 


2. A New Camera First Messaging App – Threads:

Threads is a clone of Snapchat, Facebook has introduced a new dedicated chat medium for Instagram users to stay connected with their closest friends on Instagram. The app will be available for Android and iPhone consumers. Threads will let you share text messages, videos, stories and images to the people you have limited as your close friends. 

You can inhibit people to reach you on Threads, so this is a great way to avoid unnecessary traffic to private space. When you got a message from your loved one you will be notified on Threads as well as Instagram, so you have the complete control over with whom you want to chat. 


3. A Test To Rest:

Facebook has decided not to make people feel the brunt for getting likes and reactions, so they have tested to hide likes and reactions from the Instagram accounts including Canada, Australia, Brazil, and some other important market places. 

As we know, Instagram is the perfect platform to show off talents and getting recognition. But now the platform wants you to consume their content with excitement and not with anxiety. So the team of experts is trying to reduce the stress for increasing the number of likes and reactions on Instagram. The update will be a surprise for some people, at the same time, it may be horrible for some people.


4. Instagram Creator Account:

Instagram knows that every content creator need some recognition and encouragement, as a result of it, content creators on Instagram is surprised with the ‘Creators’ account, designed exclusively for them to help them to be recognized as a creator. 

Creator account will provide tips to improve your reach on Instagram and creators can view and analyze insights to build a strong fan base for them.


Create Yours Now!

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile
  2. Tap on the three-line button
  3.  Tap the ‘Settings gear’ icon at the bottom
  4.  From the ‘Settings’ menu, select the ‘Account’ option
  5.  Tap on the Switch to Creator Account 


5. Shop Account For Retailers:

Do you purchase products online? Instagram now includes the features of online shopping to make it an even better shopping experience. If you scroll through Instagram feed at least once a day, these updates will tweak your routine and will make Instagram is the only social media that you want to use.  

Now businesses can start a shop account to showcase and sell their products to the Instagrammers. Shop account will ease both selling and buying for the business as well as customers.


6. A Helping Hand For Non- Profit Organizations:

This year has brought the best features from Instagram, as the next update, non-profit organizations can make their presence effectively and efficiently to raise money for people in need. Here is why Instagram wants to help non-profit organizations with their stories’ features.

  • Instagram stories are explored by 500 million active users every day. 
  • Nearly one-third of the stories are from business concerns on Instagram
  • Half of the business concerns in the world post at least a story in the month.
  • More than 35 percent of businesses use Instagram stories to promote their products or services. 


How To Create A Story With Donation Sticker?

  1. Launch Instagram app
  2. Go to “ Your Story”
  3. Capture a video or image, or choose from your gallery
  4. Search as nonprofit to find the Donation sticker
  5. Then give a Fundraiser title to describe

Previously, nonprofits on Instagram you can only share a donation link in their profile, or else a swipe-up link can be shared via stories when they have 10k followers but now, nonprofits can have an infinite reach with the donation sticker with this followers can contribute to the non-profits easily. To see the contributions, you can swipe up on the live story, the numbers you see on your stories is the amount you have raised. 


7. Restriction Option To Evade Bullying:

Have you ever faced negative comments or bullying on Instagram? It’s time to get rid of it. You don’t have to feel pressure for comments likely to spread hate, bully for any other reason.

You can hide such comments from the users easily by following the steps provided below:

  1. Swipe left on the mean comment, and tap ‘!’ icon then select “restrict (username) or,
  2. Navigate to your profile, and tap settings hit privacy then select ‘restricted accounts’.


What Is The Best About It?

Offenders won’t know their hateful comments are blocked, everything will seem as usual to them. They can post infinite comments But fortunately, it won’t reach anyone. 


Insights For Hashtags

Previously it was too difficult to determine which hashtag attracted the most impressions and which isn’t when the impressions are large in number. Now Instagram eases the task to repurpose your best-performed hashtags. 


How Can I View Insights?

  1. Go to your recent posts and hit “view insights”
  2. Scroll “down to the impressions from hashtags” section


8. Remove Followers Which May Be A Bot Or Idle:

Is your follower’s list too big? Sounds good! But there are a chance bot-generated or followers who are not engaging with you. When your account has too many inactive followers there is more likely to reduce your engagement rate gradually. Lack of user engagement will make people think that your content isn’t interesting enough to take a look. So it’s time to take action against your fake followers. 


 How To Evacuate Fake Or Idle Followers?

  1. Go to your follower’s list
  2. Find out idle accounts ( analyze posts, bio, profile picture)
  3. Believe your intuition


To Be Noted

This action may reduce your number of followers but believe me if you found the exact fake accounts it will be a blessing for you. 


9. Countdown Timer On Stories:

Countdown timers are the forceful strategy to inspire people to take immediate action. This can be a fun-filled and exciting session of your engagement.

  1. Launch Instagram app
  2. Go to “ Your Story” 
  3. Capture a video or image, or choose from your gallery
  4. Go to the stickers section
  5. Pick a “countdown” sticker and name it
  6. Set expiry date and time
  7. Customize with colors


10. Data Download:

When you want to backup your data without any loss, you can make use of this feature, because never wants you to miss your sweet memories on Instagram. After requesting data backup, you will have only 4 days to access your data, if not you need a request again to recover it


Where Is It?

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Hit the hamburger
  3. Choose settings
  4. Tap on “ Download Data” 


11. Email Checker To Save You:

Have you ever received an email stating that you need to click this link, which are scam emails sent by third parties with the intention of hacking your Instagram account? The link will trick you and force you to enter your username and password. So now Instagram has considered this as a threatening issue, so they introduced a feature to check whether the received mails are from Instagram or from any third parties

Another trick spot scam emails, check the sender’s address if it is not, then you need to be careful. You will receive notifications only from Instagram and not emails. 

12. AR Studio From Facebook:

Custom AR effects are a huge hit on Instagram already, we can see that brands are the most benefited people. There are one million people who used facebook AR studio for apps like Instagram and Facebook messenger.


AR Effects Gallery

The gallery includes niche AR effects for artists and making it easier for people to discover unique effects from the creator community. Before the update you need to follow the creator then only you can get their filters on the stories screen. 


 How To Get AR Filters?

  1. Find your favorite AR filter
  2. Hit on the effect
  3. Click “try it”
  4. Perform on your stories screen




Author Sarah Smith is a professional content creator and writes in-depth articles about Social Media and tech reviews. Sarah’s particular areas of interest are marketing, technology and anything related to social media. She has published several articles on leading websites and is an avid blogger and Trollishly Social Media Blogger.