Here at SnapRetail we work with thousands of small business owners tackling their digital marketing. Over the years, we have picked up a few tools that make life a little easier and we want to share them with you! From finding photos, to editing photos, to making your branding consistent, there’s a little bit of everything. Read on for 16 Free Tools to Improve your Marketing!

Image Editors


Canva is a free graphic design tool, loaded with free and paid stock images, fonts, templates, and illustrations. Their templates include layouts perfectly sized for Facebook posts, social media squares, cover photos, email headers, and much more! This tool can be used for both digital and print designs. It’s easy to learn and helps you create graphics perfect for your business!


DesignBold is another free graphic design tool to help you create eye-catching and professional images.  Loaded with over 200,000 free stock images, free templates, and unlimited storage. The freemium version of DesignBold will help you hit the ground running with all your digital or print design projects.


Pixlr is an advanced photo editor software. If you are familiar with Photoshop or similar programs, you’ll love this free editor.  Pixlr has two photo editing options: Pixlr Express allows you to give photos quick edits like overlays, borders, or a quick fix. Pixlr Editor a more advanced as lets you replace color, transform objects, make images transparent, work in layers, and more!


Free Stock Images

Below are some of our favorite free stock image websites! Each of these currently have Creative Commons Zero licenses meaning the images are free to use for commercial use. However, we encourage you to always look for a photo’s license because terms may change and you should always make sure the license allows what you intend to do with the photo.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. Pixabay
  5. Realistic Shots
  6. Kaboompics


CTA Button Builder

You always want to have a Call-to-Action (CTA) on your website or email so your customers know exactly what you want them to do next and where to click.  A custom button is one of the best ways to include  a CTA!

Da Button Factory

Da Button Factory allows you to quickly create buttons as either PNG images or CSS embed codes. With this website, you’ll be able to customize the button text, match your branding colors, or create a button using one of their button templates!


Button Optimizer

Another free Call-to-Action generator, use Button Optimizer to build a custom button. In addition to allowing you to customize color, text, and shape, this site also allows you to add icons into the button before or after the button text. Download your buttons as PNG images or CSS embed codes.

Chrome Extensions

Eye Dropper

Need to match the colors in your marketing to the colors in your logo? Or want to use the exact colors from your website in an email? The Eye Dropper extension in Chrome allows you to find the color codes associated with any color on a webpage, from a color picker palette. Plus it saves colors you’ve used before in a color history.  Add the extension to your Chrome browser, turn the tool on, hover over the color you want, and it’s saved for you!


Take the stress out of proofreading with the Chrome Extension Grammarly. Grammarly will check your spelling and grammar for anything you write online. From emails, to social posts, Grammarly has you covered. With a free account, Grammarly will also send you weekly stats to show you personalized stats and grammar performance. Don’t want to see Grammarly used everywhere you type? Customize Grammarly to turn off while you visit certain web pages.


Keep yourself organized and focused! Momentum replaces the blank new tab used in Chrome to a personalized page featuring to-dos, weather, and daily inspirational quotes and images. Stay on track by setting the focus for your day, check off items on your to-do list, and so much more!



SnapIt Tool

While SnapRetail is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools in your arsenal, the SnapIt Tool & App help you gather all the images relevant to your business. Use the SnapIt tool in your browser to quickly snap product images from your vendors and save them to your SnapRetail account. Download the SnapRetail app to your smartphone using Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn how to save the SnapIt Tool to your browser.

SnapRetail App

Use the SnapRetail app to upload images from your smart device or take your own images. Your images will be waiting for you in your SnapRetail account when you are ready to sit down and do your marketing!  To find the app, search SnapRetail on Google Play or the App Store.