Click & Collect is truly an omni-channel form of retail that builds out convenience and flexibility for your customers. Whether it’s responding to factors of safety or supply chain disruption, this year the global market has seen a nearly complete 180 with the mandatory social shift to isolation, lockdown and remote working.

While the term Click & Collect is not uncommon with large scale business changes across almost every industry in recent months, it’s a time to review your service offerings so that you can offer customers more choice rather than risk them clicking away. Even if you run previously disregarded businesses for this kind of service, it’s worth critically assessing if this form of delivery could be a value-add for your customers. The bottom line is that while you might own a restaurant that prides itself on its table service or made to measure garments, reviewing how you cater to customers is an essential part of strategic business planning.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this 2019 survey from Statista about Click & Collect: 47.4% of respondents said they choose this type of service to bypass shipping charges and an additional 44.4% of respondents said they primarily use the service to minimize time wasted shopping in-store.

Get Set To Bring This To Your Business

This infographic is designed to help you bring this to your business and enhance your customer experience. 2Flow shared this graphic, How To Win Customers With Click & Collect, so that you’re positioned to diversify your service model and open up your business to more buyers.

The multifaceted and measurable impact of Click & Collect is seen in its many benefits as a revenue builder. The service is:

  • Efficient
  • Customer-centric
  • Cost-effective for economy of scale
  • Calling customer to buy
  • Minimizing purchase errors
  • Supporting staff task management
  • Customizable
  • Personalized

Read on below to get set for value delivery that’s easy, inclusive and low-impact making it ideal for the market now and well into the future!


Credit: 2Flow