Ever wondered TikTok can be used as a part of brand promoting? To build a customer base on any social media, there must be a reasonable audience to make it effective. As per requirement, TikTok is consumed by 500 million users worldwide, and the most downloaded app for Apple in Q1 2018. TikTok platform is not for all kinds of business niches the business must be relevant to it. But the fact is it holds a special place in the hearts of huge audience across the world which is required to start branding on any kind of social platform.

Here’s how you can determine if it’s right for you. TikTok is not a platform to stand and campaign directly, It is a fun-filled platform with the most interactive and impelling features. So branding must opt to satisfy the environment of the platform. TikTok trends that raised the engagement rate to the peak are indexed below. 


1. New Visual Editor

TikTok launched a new update in October with the new User Interface enables users to select videos from default to editing experience or syncing sound experience. The new feature from TikTok facilitates brands and content creators to streamline their content efficiently and effectively. TikTok exhibits content on the entire screen is filled from edge-to-edge, and minimized design of actionable buttons is made sophisticated content consumption. This produces almost instant video provocation for users which, people and brands meet at the point of engagement.


2. External Linking

TikTok is moving forward with one step to add links in bios as well as social commerce URLs in videos as a testing phase currently. Before the update users can only give embed links within their profile which is not clickable and actionable. Linking external or commercial links within the video will lead to increased engagement and brand awareness. So TikTok initiated the test to add links in bios as well as social commerce URLs in videos.


3. Infeed Native Content

The native infeed is an imitation of Instagram stories ad with some additional key features.  The length of the videos must be 9-15 seconds. The content displayed on fullscreen and is skippable. It supports “Actionable Features” such as website clicks or app downloads. The impact of the video is measured by the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, video views, play duration, and video interactions including common features such as likes, shares, and comments. Here are the highlights of native feed advertising. 

  • Heightened engagement
  • Relevant source of information
  • Higher click rates
  • Outperform mobile ads
  • Always unintrusive

4.  Brand Takeovers

A brand takeover is part of brand promoting on TikTok that is displayed on a full-screen which is being seen by the user when they enter into the TikTok app. Brand Takeovers are different from other campaign strategies which allows you to skip whenever you want. The ad format is pragmatic for branding hashtags within TikTok which Includes images, animated GIFs and visual stuff. Brand takeovers allow embedded links that can be associated with website landing pages. 


5. Hashtag Challenge

This form of advertisement which promotes hashtags and emboldens users to “join in the” fun. This feature allows customers to purchase in-app. In this category, the hashtag challenge combined with the link that takes users to a description of the challenge. Hashtag challenge engagement can be measured by the below aspects.

  • Video interaction
  • Clicks
  • Banners views
  • Similar user-generated videos. 

Brands can make use of hashtag challenges by accompanying their products or services, the challenge must be creative and funny. TikTok allows brands to sponsor their challenges. So the challenge will live on the discovery page for six days, these allowances are meant to increase user engagement. 


6. Branded Lenses

With the assuring outcome, this app has contributed to keeping the audience engaged. TikTok has taken the initiative to improve the rate of engagement with innovative and creative perspectives, so 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional and Augmented Reality (AR) for the platform effects for photos and faces made available TikTok which is a great deal for brands to improve sales. The integration of Branded lenses into a Hashtag challenge may lead to the perfect path to the destination. 

7. Time To Challenge

Businesses have already started to promote their brands using TikTok’s outstanding features. Users capture themselves performing a challenge and challenge others to do the same. Challenges are the promised strategy that builds and proliferate user engagement if challenging and congenial. 


8. Influencer Sponsorships To Become Famous

Influencer sponsorship is a sort of brand promotion strategy that encourages influencers on TikTok to the campaign. Advertisements created by influencers displayed between the videos playing. The ad format looks similar to TikTok feed. These influencers create own content with their unique style of representation, and brands can collaborate with these influencers to reach the audience based on some aspects. 

9. Cosplay  With Influencer Marketing

As we know TikTok is the treasure of entertainment and cosplay is one among them where you can find your favorite star on TikTok. Casting like a popular movie or game character makes it seem that the character is living beyond the film. 

Pro Tip: Collaboration of influencer marketing strategy and cosplay feature will be a great idea that will produce a desirable outcome. Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach more people with dedicated followers, but incorporating cosplay with the current viral personality will grab even more attention. Casting ideas include famous movie characters or gaming figures which attracts most of the people. Casting like a character alone will not be fruitful, method acting and smart representation of products will win the race.


10. React With Duets

Reactions in TikTok has a huge impact on boosting the engagement rate. As per the survey, TikTok overflowed with 41% of reacts. It is worth to spend time and effort on building winning strategies with reacts. User-Generated Content may make you happy as a clam. Production of quality content will attract people’s attention which leads to reacting with it. Since TikTok is a fun-filled platform with hilarious stuff, entertaining stuff alone will output better.

If you like someone’s video don’t just watch it, you can do a duet with the video to express your feelings towards the video. There are no limits on the number of duets on any video. Your video will appear on the left side and another video on the right side. Duets will help you get more likes and followers and also try social media promotions provider such as Trollishly. Because of the content of duet may be attractive, if you duet with it, people may follow you for more videos. 



Every brand landing on social media as the branding platform aims to reach the target audience, for existing brands on TikTok can boost sales by collaborating features strategically. TikTok ads are straightforward to set up and to elevate brand awareness snappily. TikTok has rewritten the history of advertising on a social platform that is monotonous. It has dragged users to participate in hashtag contests without advertising from the very beginning.

Brands are in the rush to build high-quality and pertinent content because the app from China is extremely personalized which is stipulated by brands. The words from the survey say by 2021 Social media algorithms favor video over static content and visual content will take over 82% of all online consumers. 


Author Bio: Hi, I’m Sarah Smith. I’m a professional content creator and writes in-depth articles about Social Media and tech reviews. My particular areas of interest are marketing, technology and anything related to social media. I have published several articles on leading websites and is an avid blogger and Trollishly Social Media Blogger. Contact: sarah.trollishly@gmail.com