SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. First of all, search engines such as Google or Bing use high-performance computer robots that scour the web for the most attractive and relevant sites in order to make search experiences easier for its users.

In order to give a boost to this robotics, the Magento Ecommerce agency or e-commerce development must use specific strategies to attract some traffic to your website and see it come out in the first search results.

For a developing small business, many advertising strategies are used to make themselves known, but the most logical investment and likely to bring many long-term customers is the natural SEO of its website.

Here are 5 reasons you need a better SEO strategy for small business:

1.    Users view the results from the first page In order for buyers to decide to visit your website instead of that of your competitors before making their purchases, you must be at the top of the list and, to achieve this, you will have to work in SEO and optimize your website to the maximum so that it is considered worthy of the first page by the small robots of the web. Think about the last time you searched the internet. Did you go looking for information on page 10? Probably not because everything you needed to know was already on the front page. And actually the more we go down in the results and the less the sites are of interest, sometimes simply because they are not optimized.  This does not mean that your company is worse than your competitors because it is lower in positioning; your website simply needs help with its SEO.

2.    Everyone is an expert in their field You are probably an excellent business leader and a very good advisor on the products and services you sell, but when it’s time to present them on the internet and make them catchy you are not the best candidate simply because it’s not your domain!  An expert in SEO works in collaboration with the owner of a small business so that his or her knowledge and skills are visible to users. Without natural referencing, your expertise is very likely to remain in the lowlands of the virtual world!

3.    Paid SEO can help, but do not do everything Far be it from us to think that an advertising campaign on the internet, like Adwords for example, can hinder the referencing of a website.  On the contrary, it’s actually a kind of SEO that is called paid search. However, even if a lot of traffic is directed to a website through an advertising campaign, if this website is not optimized the search engines will not give it an optimal positioning acquired by various SEO techniques.

4.    SEO is ultimately less expensive Although SEO seems initially more expensive than CPC (cost per click), the owner of a well referenced and maintained website will no longer, at a certain time, have to pay fees to attract visitors to his site. site because it will find itself well positioned in the search results.

5.    Natural referencing offers sustainable visibility An advertisement in a neighborhood newspaper will make an impact, but will not offer any visibility once the next edition is published.  For its part, the natural referencing will maintain the visibility without an expiry date, provided that the site continues to be fed with content and updated regularly. 

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing. 


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