Are you ready to hit the ground running and help your career succeed? If your goals this year include business success, then you need to make sure you have plans to reduce stress along the way. Here are some tactics that can help any business owner or career-minded person thrive in the face of everyday stress.

Manage the Effects of Stress  

No matter where you are in your career or life, stress is pretty much unavoidable. Just because stress is a natural part of life, however, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use techniques to tame your own tension. Prioritizing sleep, cleaning up your diet and staying active are all incredibly useful ways for busy professionals and business owners to cope with stress. Even the simple act of breathing can make it easier to deal with stress. Experts are increasingly seeing the benefits of deep-breathing sessions for stress regulation, and these exercises can be completed from your desk or anywhere you need a quick break.

For many busy entrepreneurs and employees, taking on too many tasks can be a major source of overwhelming stress. While the above practices can help alleviate the resulting emotional pressure, the best approach to limiting this kind of stress is to learn how to say “no” without causing yourself further anxiety. Apply the same problem-solving skills you use in your career to determine whether you can take on additional projects or responsibilities. Take your time to come up with an answer, and do not feel pressured to unnecessarily overload yourself to help others.

Use Everyday Stress Aids

The habits you practice can certainly impact your stress levels at work, but when you are focused on career success, you sometimes need something extra to boost your mood. When things get hectic in the office, think about breaking out some comforting tools to get you through the day. Using essential oils has been shown to alleviate feelings of worry and stress for many people. Combining scents like lavender and peppermint in a diffuser can also promote concentration, improve energy and even support your immune system, so infusing oils into the air may be your best bet. Music can also boost your mood and help with daily tension. Donning headphones to listen to your favorite soothing tracks can help you get through your “to-do” list and quell any distress you may feel.

When music and essential oils are not doing the trick, you may need another method to refocus your energy and get through the workday. Believe it or not, adult coloring books may be the missing link in your stress-reducing routine and can be as effective meditation for increasing mindfulness. Think about stashing some markers and a few pages in your desk for times when you feel overwhelmed.

Take Some Time Away

No matter how many coloring books or breathing exercises you try, you can never fully process career stress until you’ve learned the value of taking time off. It can be intimidating to step away from work when you are so motivated to succeed, but doing so is crucial to your mental health. Taking a vacation can even help you live longer, according to some studies, so as you make your list of business goals, make sure taking time off is one of them.

If you own a small business, enjoying a stress-free vacation may mean closing your business for a few days or hiring reliable help to manage it while you are away. But doing so and making these sacrifices can have such positive effects on your health and emotional well-being. Those vacations could just give you the recharge you need to take your career to the next level. For those times when you cannot step completely away, spending time in nature can alleviate stress as well. Visit a local forest or just take your lunch to the park to benefit from nature’s calming effects.

Don’t let stress get in the way of your business and career goals. Incorporate habits into your everyday life to keep stress under control, and give yourself the big boost you need to achieve success and thrive in all areas of your life.

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