You thought your customers were passionate for Pinterest, just wait until they discover the latest improvements to the fastest growing social network. Pinterest recently unveiled a new set of features that inject pins with additional information to make them more useful to customers. So far the new feature, dubbed Rich Pins, is being implemented by a handful of notable brands on product, recipe and movie pins. That doesn’t mean you can’t join these brands and enable products on your website to take part in this feature. And since your customers love filling their bags with items from your store, this should come as good news to you! We’re going to show you what this makeover looks like as well as some steps to get you started making your own pins as rich as a Betty Crocker cake.

Pins Packed with Information

Due to its highly visual nature, Pinterest content can be uber inspirational but when it comes to finding the right ingredients, price and reviews, you must leave the site. Most of the informational content is found at the source of the pin. With Pinterest’s new Rich Pins, that is no longer the case. Additional information is included right on the pin itself, enabling the user to be inspired and informed right from a single network. Creating an experience within one medium is an important factor when it comes to conversions. Customers are more likely to take action when they don’t have to navigate through multiple sources. Whether the action is a purchase right from your ecommerce site, a visit to your store, cooking an interesting recipe or finding out if an item is in stock, Rich Pins make it possible without opening separate tabs.

Product Pins

Product Pins now have the ability to include pricing, availability and where to buy, all from underneath the image of the pin.

Product Rich Pins in action with specific meta data

Recipe Pins

Recipe Pins include ingredients and preparation directions for those foodies eager to whip up their next masterpiece.

Recipe Pins showing specific meta data

Movie Pins

Movie Pins include director, cast members, ratings and reviews, release date and additional information.

Move Rich Pins in action

Now that you’ve seen the new information-rich footer of a pin, it’s time to learn how to embrace it. This function is extremely powerful for any online retailer since it enables your customer to learn more about your products without ever leaving Pinterest. Most users collect their favorite items and will navigate to the secondary source when they are ready to make the purchase. This new feature makes that process easier than ever. As a store owner, you only need to worry about product pins and let the movie guys and recipe bloggers take care of the rest.

Pinterest has included a step-by-step procedure for you or your web developer to follow. There are a few meta tags to add to your site before following the approval process. Once you submit your URL for approval, Pinterest will automatically include all relevant information from your site when you or a customer pins from it.

If you’re a brick and mortar store front with no ecommerce presence, it is crucial to be aware of these new features since they will also leave a positive impact on your business. All of the inspirational and lifestyle content you’ve been curating along with your own product becomes more valuable and interactive with Rich Pins. Continue managing your Pinterest presence as before while paying close attention to the interaction between Rich Pins and the pins you are familiar with. We’re sure you’ll discover some great insight on the inspiration your brand is offering your customers in addition to their buying habits.

If you’ve decided to enable Rich Pins within products on your webpage, we’d love to hear about your experience. Let us know how Rich Pins has made an impact on your business.