Last week, Pinterest announced two updates that affect how business are seen on Pinterest and how they can communicate with their followers.


Pinterest logos get a slight makeover

The first update, while small, is mighty important. The way profile images appear has changed from a square image with rounded corners to a circular image. This update could clip parts of your logo if it lands outside of the designated safe area. To get the best looking profile image, follow Pinterest’s guidelines:

  • Upload a square, 200×200 px image in either JPG or PNG format
  • Keep your logo centered and inside the safe area
  • Avoid images with pre-cut corners and any artwork that stretches to the edge.

A new look at Pinterest logos and what to do right

Connect with your customers directly with Pinterest Messages

Now, the second update is where things get really pinteresting. All Pinners, including businesses, can start a conversation with others and easily share Pins, boards or profiles with their friends through Messages. This is just one more way Pinterest makes it easy for your loyal following to spread the word about your fabulous brand and the amazing products you carry.

But that’s not all it does. You can even send Pins and messages to small groups of people (like your VIP shoppers) as long as they follow you. This gives you another channel to connect directly with your customers, giving you another opportunity to make an impact on your bottom line with no additional cost. Here are some easy ideas for implementing Pinterest messages into your current marketing plan:

  • Sneak Preview – Fill a board with photos of products set to arrive to your store soon. In the Pin descriptions, provide details like cost, arrival date and how to pre-order.
  • Sale Announcements – Having a sale on an item or two and know which of your customers would just love to have it? Don’t be afraid to send your VIP shoppers a direct message along with a pinned image of the product and the sale announcement.
  • Showcase your work – Build a board that features your creative works – whether it be your best embroidered bags, floral arrangements, studio portraits or handmade jewelry – and share it with your clients. This will give them an easy way to find the styles that they like best and help you understand exactly what they are looking to get from your services.

Learn how to get the conversation started by reading Pinterest’s blog announcement.