E-Commerce may be a scary word for small business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Many believe that implementing an E-Commerce platform into their business model will take too much time, will be too difficult to set up or maintain, or won’t be beneficial. But the truth is, consumers are shopping online now more than ever and having E-Commerce is an easy way to stay competitive.

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E-Commerce can fit into many different types of business models. With the right tools and SnapRetail by your side, learning how to build and maintain your site will be easy!  If you are already equipped with a SnapRetail-powered website, then you’re halfway there! If you have your own E-Commerce website you can still sell through SnapRetail’s email feature.

SnapRetail currently integrates with two of the easiest, most beneficial, and most widely used E-Commerce platforms: PayPal and Shopify.

SnapRetail + Shopify

SnapRetail + Shopify creates a fully integrated store on your website. Use Shopify’s Lite plan for just $9/month as an inventory management and payment processor.  Just upload all your product information to Shopify and sync it with SnapRetail. Automatically, you’ll see all your products laid out on a Store Page. Each product will have it’s own page for customers to read it’s full description and view multiple images or choose product variants such as color or size. Customers can also sort and search products by Collection, Price, Recently Added, Best Sellers, or Alphabetically on your store page. You can also organize products into collections, allowing customers to choose what types of products they want to view.  Easily integrate your Shopify inventory to sell on your Facebook Business page! Create emails in SnapRetail featuring the Product Widget. This gives you the ability send your products directly to your customers’ inboxes. SnapRetail will also gather and save all customer information from your buying customers

SnapRetail + Paypal

Easily integrate SnapRetail + PayPal by adding your PayPal Merchant ID number to your account settings under “E-Commerce”. Then, get to work by adding Product Widgets to your website and emails and start selling immediately! It’s the perfect solution for small businesses that are just getting started or only want to feature a few products online. Need to track inventory or include variants on a specific product? You can create custom buttons in PayPal and place PayPal generated HTML code right onto your website.

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