Email Marketing and Your Store

Why bother hosting events in-store? They can take up already valuable time above the normal day-to-day operations, and put extra workload on you and your staff. You may worry that if you hold a store event that’s under-planned, under-attended and underwhelming, it could actually hurt rather than help your reputation. So, is it really worth the effort? The answer is YES. A successful store event brings increased exposure, traffic and sales with it.

The reason certain store events stand out is because they add something remarkable to their otherwise normal store experience. They create a connection with customers, encourage them to speak to others about the event, and ultimately drive repeat business back to your store.

74% of consumers have a more positive impression of a brand after an in-store event. 59% say that they plan on telling others about that experience within 48 hours of it.
– (Event Marketing Institute)

Don’t simply pass over store events because they take up too much of your time to plan, or because they haven’t produced the results you desire in the past. All you need in order to host a successful event is proper planning, access to marketing channels to promote the event, and a dash of creativity.


SnapRetail created a comprehensive guide to help you plan, prepare for and market your next in-store event. Check out our guide and timeline kick your event planning into high gear. Just pick your theme, and rely on us to supply you with ideas and messaging to fuel your event promotions and drive repeat business to your store.