We’ve finally arrived at the single digits of the Christmas countdown. The next few days will prove to be some of the busiest of the year. So how can you squeeze in last-minute marketing ideas to move merchandise and increase sales? Read on to learn three quick tips to grab your customers’ attention before the big day.

1. Offer gift ideas to customers via email

Promoting your products is especially important this weekend as it’s the last one before Christmas. Not only are you giving your customers last-minute gift ideas, but you’re moving through inventory, too.

Keep your email short and sweet; feature product pictures along with a short description and the price. Segment ideas by person (“Gifts for Mom”) or by price (“Gifts Under $30”), which will make your email easy to navigate and read. Don’t forget to include a subject line with a clear call-to-action. Use keywords like “last-minute,” “gift ideas,” or “last chance” to entice those still searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Last minute SnapRetail holiday template

2. Launch a social media-only sale

For last-minute shoppers, purchasing a gift has a lot to do with price. Hold a flash sale on a specific product or a total purchase discount on Facebook or Twitter. Include clear, concise messaging so your customers understand when the sale begins and ends or what is included and excluded. Add in the exclusivity to your social followers, too. Something like, “Exclusive for Facebook Fans,” goes a long way.

3. Feature a gift each day on social media

Because social media is the fastest way to get the message out to your customers, feature a gift each day on your social networks. Don’t forget to include the price.

Don’t just use one social network either. Create a Pinterest board touting last-minute gifts, then send a tweet to your customers to check out your Pinterest board. Or post the idea on Facebook featuring a picture you took on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, feature a last-minute gift idea display and/or post a picture of the gift of the day there, too. A way to tie them together is to designate a specific hashtag for your gift-a-day ideas on social.

What are you waiting for? Start implementing these ideas now before the holidays dash away!