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Sell Through Email, Social, and Online

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Grow your small business online with SnapRetail and Shopify

An e-commerce solution that’s powerful and easy-to-use for your Small Business

Use SnapRetail’s Shopify integration to send targeted emails based on buying behavior and purchase history. Sell products or services in email and on social with our powerful e-commerce solution.

See your Shopify products online and through email with SnapRetail to grow your small business

Sell Online + Email

Click-and-drag products into any email and automatically have an online store created for you.

Send targeted emails to drive and increase your customer engagement

Target Your Emails

Automatically sync your Shopify searches with SnapRetail to send targeted emails.

Use your Shopify product photos in all your online marketing

Use Your Product Images

Use your Shopify product images in all of your online marketing.

Update your Shopify customers automatically with SnapRetail

Sync Customers

All of your Shopify customers are added and updated in your SnapRetail account.

Sell Through Email and Your Website

Selling through email is now easier than ever with the integration of SnapRetail and Shopify.

Sell through email

Simply click and drag our product widget into any email, select your product, and we will pull in all of the information automatically.

Sell online

Already have a SnapRetail website? We can get your products online in seconds and create an optimized store page for you.

Grow your small business by selling online through email using SnapRetail and Shopify
Target your customers by sending marketing emails based on buying behavior with SnapRetail and Shopify

Send Emails Based on Customer Behavior and Increase Engagement

Target and filter email lists based on buying behavior to increase engagement and keep valued customers happy.

Reward your best customers

Send tailored email promotions right to your best customers, giving them a VIP only promotion or special product announcement.

Re-engage customers

Re-engage customers who haven’t purchased in awhile with a promotion or remind them of all the great products your store carries.

Use Your Shopify Product Images Anywhere. Anytime.

Showcase your products in an email and on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Your Shopify product images are automatically updated and organized for you. Simply open your SnapRetail photo library, select a product and you’re done. No manual uploading required.

Use your Shopify product images in your email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest marketing with SnapRetail
Have all of your Shopify customers updated automatically for your e-commerce small business site

We Update Your Shopify Customers for You

If a customer selects to receive your marketing during checkout, we’ll automatically add them to your SnapRetail account. Use automatically created filters to send targeted campaigns or let us automatically send them a welcome email for you.

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