Let’s say there is a store that you’ve been eyeing for a while now because of its location and customer traffic. You’ve given the owner multiple offers without any luck. After years of operation, the store owner decides that it’s finally time to sell. The competition has become so stiff that the store owner has lost most customers. Since you’ve always had a vision for the store, you agree to buy despite the unfavorable market conditions.

You know that if you renovate the store and change its look, you’ll attract customers and get things running again. So how do you go about performing the upgrades?


Paint the Walls

What is the first thing that people will look at when they see your store’s signage outside? It’s the color of the building. Therefore, upgrade the paint both on the inside and outside. This is one of the simplest ways to attract attention.

Here is another tip, choose an accent wall for your promotional items. It can be the first thing customers see when they walk into your store. Give the accent wall a different vibrant color; it can be red or green. This will also attract customers to take pictures outside your shop and share them on social media. It will act as free marketing and draw even more people in.

At the beginning of this tip, we talked about signage. Make sure that you have signage outside your store so that people can know you exist. When designing the signage, the letters should be visible and easy to read. Include lighting in the signage so that it is visible at night. Unique signage is also sure to attract attention.


Set the Stage With Lighting

Replace any old lighting with modern LED fixtures. Your customers should be able to see what you’re selling, plus it will save money for you.

There’s also something called task lights, which help the customer find what they’re looking for. Tracks are the most convenient task lights.

As the name suggests, the LED bulbs are placed on a continuous track to act as a guide for the shopper. You’ll also have to use accent lights to put the spotlight on promotional goods.

Use lighting as a way to attract your target audience. Younger shoppers will likely be attracted to lights strung in your shop. However, older shoppers will prefer plenty of bright lights that allow the best visibility possible.

Know who your market is and consider it when choosing your lighting.

Upgrade the Floor

The floor is another part of your store that will attract customers. Get rid of old tiles and install new ones for a clean look.

Consider choosing porcelain tiles because they can withstand foot traffic. Also, you can use different colored tiles for diverse sections. If you want to look into all your options, go to a local shop like Archway Brick and Tile.

If you want your shop to feel small and cozy, go with wood floors that can withstand the test of time. It will add character to your space.

Create an ambiance through your flooring that will make the customer want to stay in the space for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

To conclude, before you open your doors to new customers, upgrade the old retail space. You need to give it a fresh look that resonates with the modern shopper. The visual appearance of your shop can make or break your success when opening. Remember to put your focus on the main remodeling areas: repainting the walls, improving the lighting, and upgrading the floors.




Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. When not writing, she enjoys reading and watching film noir. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2