Our Marketing Guru, Craig Biertempfel, interviewed Managed Marketing Service subscribers to get the scoop on their online marketing! Watch the interview here or read their story below!

Craig: In front of me are Marcia and Sam. They are Snap customers. They use us for email, web, and social. They are right here in Murrysville, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh and their store is Direct Jewelry Murrysville! 

Sam: Good morning everyone.

Craig: Can you tell me a little bit about Direct Jewelry?

Marcia: Sure. Direct Jewelry is a franchise that started as a family business before franchising. Seven years ago we purchased the franchise. Jewelry that is in the store comes directly from the wholesaler to us. We cut out the middle layers so that we can provide the best possible cost to you. We have an assortment of fine jewelry, diamonds with mountings from MARS, which are made in the USA, as well as, Stuller. We have designer jewelry like Kelim, Unode50, Agora, and Bora. The artisans that have crafted this jewelry, you actually have to come in and see it. It is pretty amazing.

Craig: That’s one thing I like about your business is that you do personal appointments, personal shopping. Is that an advantage being a small independent? Is that an advantage over your competitors?

Marcia: Absolutely. The comments from our customers generally I’ll say if you have a diamond ring or a piece of jewelry that you like because everyone is using Pinterest, send me a copy, I do all the research and try to get them in a similar mounting or bracelet, whatever item they want. And actually the time spent with them when we have an engagement and a diamond is procured and given to the young lady, we actually have our customers are our gems and we provide a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine.

Craig: I’m going to come and buy a few rings!

Marcia: The essence is may your love grow and spirits soar.

Craig:  In terms of marketing, you want to get those people in and you are using Snap for email, web, and social and you also use Managed Services. Can you tell me, either Sam or Marcia, can you tell me a little about your experience with Managed Services so far? The Managed Marketing Services we set up.

Sam: We signed up with Snap maybe three years ago and one of the things we struggled with was consistency of our message on social media, mainly Facebook, our emails, and our website and so we talked through it with yourself Craig and Justin and the gang down there and what we found is we get the message, you are excellent in packaging the message and getting it out there for us and the consistency is out there so it has worked out very very well for us and we are getting a lot of folks.

Craig: Tell me a little about the UnoPalooza event and the marketing behind that and the results.

Marcia: Recently we did an UnoPalooza. Uno is made in Spain. It is hand crafted their own items, so many items made. We had a sales rep here. We had plenty of home cooked food, Italian food, and our customers loved it. They had personal attention not only from us, as owner, but also the sales rep. There were several items from the fall/winter collection that have not appeared in stores so they actually, it was a very successful day for us, I think one of the best in Pittsburgh and I can say this, we could not have done it without SnapRetail.


“We could not have done it without SnapRetail.”

Marcia, Direct Jewelry

Craig: Awesome!

Marcia: The emails, the design of the advertisement, it was just incredible so we thank you because we could not have been as successful if we had not had you.

Craig: Sam, your thoughts and anything you’d like to add?

Sam: Again, we did it a couple of weeks in advance and again like Marcia said, it was Snap that got this out there, got the clientele. Everybody really enjoyed it. It’s a little too early so we could not have the wine that we supplied for that but next time we will have it a little bit later so we can have some of the wine. It’s very very successful, all of the customers really liked it and it worked wonderfully and as Marcia said, it really highlighted the fall/winter collections. Snap put a number of things out, email as well as the social posts that really got the attention of the customer so we really appreciate it.

Craig: Awesome! No it’s a pleasure to work with you both.

Marcia: The design of the advertisement with the actual Uno jewelry was incredibly unique and I think did catch the attention to get the people in here. So it’s one thing to have an announcement that you are having a sale but to creatively do it that reaches the masses is a success.

Sam: Yeah and the other thing with Snap that is really valuable to us is packaging the idea, we are not professional marketeers, but getting the message to get it out there and really relate to the customers and show the value of what you have. Something else that Marcia mentioned that one thing we are working on and getting the message out to the local people here is the quality and price that we have is something we do with customer appointments and we really try to educate customers. Snap has been very helpful and educating our customers

Craig: Well I appreciate it. It has been a pleasure working with you, now the pressure is on, and now I have to work harder but I look forward to it. So once again this is Sam and Marcia from Direct Jewelry Murrysville. Please stop by and visit them on the web. What’s your web address? www.directjewelrymurrysville.com and go like them on Facebook. Thanks a lot and take care!

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