Frequently Asked Questions

About SnapRetail and Your Account

SnapRetail helps local retailers engage customers and drive store traffic with our affordable and easy-to-use online marketing platform, which provides retail-focused email templates, social media posts and a unique planning calendar, among many other features. Thousands of retailers around the world rely on SnapRetail to make their online marketing a snap.

It's easy to get started with SnapRetail. Once you have purchased your subscription, there are only a few things you need to do to start engaging with customers.

  1. Upload the email addresses you have collected to start using our easy email marketing editor and professionally designed templates. Don't have any email addresses yet? Start collecting them at your register and through our email collection application for your website and Facebook.
  2. Create your business social media accounts - Facebook and Twitter - if you haven't already and link them to your SnapRetail account.

That's it! Please remember that you can contact our Marketing Consultants with questions any time between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

The emails you upload are your property, and no other retailers have access to these emails. For more details, take a look at our Privacy Policy.

Yes! We are offering retailers the chance to try SnapRetail before you buy. Sign up for our free test drive today and get 14 days to fall in love! No credit card required and no obligation to buy.

We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel at any time by contacting our Marketing Consultants. Your cancellation would be effective at the end of your current subscription period (either annual or quarterly). Please review our Terms and Conditions for our full cancellation policy.

SnapRetail is sold as a recurring subscription that is payable on either a quarterly or annual basis. Please see our pricing page for details.

Our Marketing Consultant team is full of dedicated, smart, passionate people who love to help our customers learn how to use SnapRetail. They also love to help our customers brainstorm marketing campaign ideas or events, and they provide regular training through webinars on new features and ideas to drive store traffic.

They are available between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday for personal discussions. Emails and phone messages are also reviewed over the weekends.

SnapRetail will automatically renew your account based on the subscription length you choose. If you have billing questions, please call 877-459-7627.

How to Work With the Calendar

The Calendar is the easiest and most efficient way to plan out your marketing messages and store events with SnapRetail. Use the Calendar to effortlessly plan and view all of your past, current and scheduled campaigns and events. Edit your scheduled messages, add a marketing campaign, send a social media post or add a store event right from Calendar. Select ideas from the Idea Bar to the left of the Calendar to jumpstart your marketing for that month and future months. Our customers find that they can schedule a month's worth of marketing in about 3-4 hours by reviewing and using the ideas in the Idea Bar.

The Idea Bar located to the left of the calendar contains our best campaign ideas for that month for both email and social media marketing. You can view all of the Ideas on the left-hand side of the Calendar and click on any one of them to read more information about how to use the Idea in detail. Simply drag and drop (clicking on an item and holding down your click, while moving it to another place) one of our Ideas onto the Calendar date you would like to schedule that message. Once you have dropped an Idea onto the Calendar you will be greeted with a pop-up message for complete the next steps in your message creation.

The Ideas come from our Marketing, Social Media and Product Management teams. But more importantly, some Ideas have even been created from our subscribers, just like you! We want to make sure Ideas are creative and geared toward independent retailers, and who better to ask than the retailers themselves? New Ideas are available each month to use all year round.

How to Work with the Email Editor

SnapRetail makes it easy for you to create, customize and manage your email messages.  Most of our customers go to the Snap Templates section where they can find hundreds of professionally designed and pre-written email templates. You'll find email templates for all of the major holidays, to welcome new customers, to share newsletters, to announce store events and many other categories. Simply search for the template that meets your needs. You can use as is or customize any part of it. Your store information (the information you add in the "My Account" section) will be included in every email.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to create an email from scratch. SnapRetail has the easiest and faster email template creator available and you have lots of flexibility in designing the email that exactly meets your needs. For more savvy users, you can upload your own HTML code to create an email as well.

SnapRetail adds new email templates every single month to ensure that you have fresh content and everything you need to promote those important store events or campaigns.

SnapRetail provides thousands of product vendor images as well a full library of photos and clip art for you to add to your emails and social media posts. All of this is free with your paid subscription.

Drag and drop the coupon widget on to the email editor. Fill out your coupon's header and description. It is your choice if you would like to add an expiration date. To create a barcode, enter an  alphanumeric code either from your POS or a combination that you create. Once you click submit, the barcode will appear on your coupon.

No! You can create as many templates and store as many images as you like.

My Templates are flexible email formats that you create to match your store's personality. If you have an email format that you would like to use again (like a newsletter), then you can save it as a template on the last step when you send it, adding a category to make it easy to find next time. And the exciting thing is, you can re-use this template again and again, simply inserting your updated text each time.

The My Emails section shows all of the emails that you have created, both past and future. Here you will see upcoming, sent, and cancelled emails. From here, you can cancel any pending emails as well as re-use any past emails if you want to send out the same exact email you sent.

There is a slider on the left-hand side that will let you increase or decrease the image container size. In addition, once you've selected your image, if you'd like to zoom, crop, or apply other photo editing treatments, you can click on the "Edit Image" button on the left side.

Yes! When you select your image, you have the option to specify a web page where your customer will go when she or he clicks on it. If you decide not to do this, the image will link to your landing page for that send.

Yes! Both the original image and the newly edited one will be saved to your account. You can access these in the Image tab at the top, as well as select this image in future emails and social media posts.

Yes, we have an HTML editor that enables you to paste your HTML code into emails to send using your SnapRetail subscription. You can find this option under "Create and Send," "Email" then "Code Your Own" right under the "Create Your Own" button. You can even insert images from your SnapRetail image library. Don't know anything about HTML? We suggest that you stick with our flexible template editor to make creating your marketing a breeze.

How to Manage Your Customer Emails

There is a simple uploading process for importing your already existing customers. In the Customers section, you can choose the option Add & Manage Customers. This option will bring you to two different options to add your customers, either individually or many at a time. You will go through a detailed series of step like matching your spreadsheet fields with ours and putting your new customers into email lists. You can also add customer emails one-at-a-time.

Don't forget to add our email collectors for to your website and Facebook page. Learn how to do so by selecting the "Collect Emails" button on the Customers tab in the main navigation bar.

By going into your current email center, you can export your customer group to your personal computer. Be sure that you select Excel XLS or CSV format. Then follow the steps for uploading your customer group into SnapRetail.

Not a problem. If you upload a customer's email address and contact information into SnapRetail and they are already in the system, that new information will now replace the old information. The customer is not duplicated; it is just updated. Also, if that customer already belongs to multiple email lists, their information will be updated in all places.

All customers uploaded from a spreadsheet should be put in an email list as soon as they are added to SnapRetail. It's important for customers to be put into email lists because emails are only sent to email lists, not individual customers.

Deleting an email list means that you no longer want to segment customers into that particular grouping. Deleting an email list won't delete the customers who belong to that group. Your customers will remain on your general customer list but will not be able to receive emails until they are put back into another email list.

Yes, but it would be necessary to put the contact into its own list.

At the bottom of every email, customers will have the option to unsubscribe from the email list, as per CAN SPAM laws. When they have unsubscribed, they will be a part of a "do not mail" group and will no longer receive emails from your store. Unsubscribed emails appear in two places: View Campaign Reports and Add & Manage Customers. Both places provide you the opportunity to delete the unsubscribed customers from the system if you chose to do so.

SnapRetail will attempt to send to every email address you provide. However, delivery attempts sometimes fail. Email addresses can be invalid or consistently bounce. After several failed delivery attempts, SnapRetail will consider these email addresses to be undeliverable. 

We recommend that you delete these undeliverable and bounced email addresses from the system. These email types appear in two places: View Campaign Reports and Add & Manage Customers. Both places provide you the opportunity to delete the unsubscribed customers from the system if you chose to do so.

To easily upload your customers into SnapRetail, you must first get them into a spreadsheet format. This can be Microsoft Excel or similar programs. We advise exporting your customers from all of your sources (which could include Outlook, AOL, other email providers) and organizing them into a spreadsheet. When you are done organizing your customers, go ahead and add them into our system. You can keep adding customers every time you get new ones or you can wait and compile customers into one spreadsheet and upload them all at once.

We have two ways for you to grow your lists. If you navigate to the Customers section and click the Collect Emails button, you will be given the choice to collect from the web or Facebook. Web collection allows you to create a form that you can provide to your website manager to post to your site. Facebook collection will install an app on your Facebook page for customers to sign up with. Either way, customers will be added to your SnapRetail account in real time and you will be able to see a count of new subscribers on your Dashboard.

How to Work with Images and Photos

Being able to show your customers what you have in your store is the best part about email marketing. Upload images from your personal computer, your company website and digital camera into your email templates with a simple 2-step browse-and-click process.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use the free SnapRetail app to automatically send pictures from your phone to the SnapRetail image library.  You can easily install this app by going to the App Store and searching for SnapRetail.

All images should be a JPG, GIF or PNG with a DPI of 72 or higher.

When uploading your own photos, it's best to put them into a category that you will recognize later. Create and re-name categories within your SnapRetail account and add descriptions for your records. We also have a naming feature where you have the ability to add "tags" to individual images that are used as keywords when you search for your content later.

You can download the app from iTunes or from the link on your dashboard. Now you can take pictures on your phone and upload them directly to your SnapRetail account from anywhere! Once you submit the picture on your phone, you will see it appear in your image library, ready to be used in your marketing.

How to Use SnapRetail Effectively

SnapRetail is a SaaS (software as a service) program. What that means is that you only need a computer and a current browser (the most popular are Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Mozilla FireFox). You don't have to install anything on your computer to use SnapRetail other than one of these browsers.

You never have to worry about any of your email marketing or Facebook and Twitter messages with SnapRetail. Watch your campaign's success grow and grow by selecting Reports from the top menu to see what campaigns you have scheduled for the future or what campaigns have been successfully sent. You never have to worry about any of your email marketing or Facebook and Twitter messages with SnapRetail. Watch your campaign's success grow and grow by visiting the View Campaign Reports page to see the Message Status. "Pending" for campaigns you have scheduled for the future or what campaigns have been successfully sent. SnapRetail system will constantly monitor for emails to be sent out, if an email is due it will process the information and send it out.

The Reports tab in the top menu is where you can find all of the information you need about recently sent emails, Facebook and Twitter messages. You'll learn how many customers are reading your emails and how they are responding to your Facebook and Twitter posts. This report is updated continually with the latest statistics.  You can also see which individual customers have bounced or unsubscribed from your emails by clicking on the blue hyperlinked numbers in each campaign report.

Our Marketing Consultants can be reached at 877-459-SNAP (7627) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET or online at Our Marketing Consultant Team is the best of the best and is always ready to handle any of your questions or concerns. You can also chat with them live by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen to launch an instant message chat conversation.

We recommend that you use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are using a computer with Windows XP, you will not be able to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. In this case, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you do not wish to use a different browser, you can install this plugin, which will allow you to continue using SnapRetail with older versions of Internet Explorer.

How to Use Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Effectively

Facebook and Twitter are now the most common ways for retailers to engage with customers via social media. We highly recommend that you create Facebook and Twitter store pages (as opposed to personal pages) and that you post content regularly. Of course SnapRetail makes it easy to keep up with social media with the Calendar and pre-written social media posts.

You can create, schedule and post messages directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within SnapRetail. You can also add a Pin It button to the images in your emails to allow your customers to share your store information through Pinterest.

There are several ways to create social media posts to either send immediately or schedule for the future. First you can create a Facebook and/or Twitter post from The Calendar by selecting recommended posts from the Idea Bar and placing them on a specific date.  Or you can go directly to that date on the calendar that you want to post a message and click on the plus sign (+) in the upper left hand corner to create a quick social post.

An additional way is to select "Create and Send" from the top navigation bar to create a social post from scratch. All of these scheduled posts will be posted to your Facebook and Twitter pages that you have connected through your My Account page.


Now you can link your Pinterest account in your My Account settings so that the Pinterest logo appears in your social media widget in the Email Editor.

Also, a Pin It option will appear under the image editing tools. Once you click on the checkbox, a Pin It button appears under the picture. You can change the default caption or where the pin will lead back to (the default is the email landing page). When your customer clicks on the Pin It button (via email, social media or your landing page), it will open a window in Pinterest with the suggested caption. Your customer can pin to the board of their choosing. The pin will appear on your customer's board.  Other Pinterest users can now re-pin it. If a pinner clicks on the pin, it will take them to the URL that you when you created the email.

How to Create and Customize Marketing Messages

The frequency of your email sends depends upon how often you have great information to share with your customers. Remember that they have given you permission to contact them so you shouldn't hesitate to do so. The other thing to remember is that your customers receive emails from big-box retailers or other shopping sites on a very regular basis - sometimes daily - so you don't want them to forget about you.

A general rule of thumb is that you should email your customers at least once a week or 4-5 times a month. There are many things that you can share with your customers such as:

  • new product arrivals

  • store events

  • store promotions

  • new employees

  • great stories about the store owners

  • depending upon your business type, fashion or medical or other industry news

When filling out Settings, you will be able to choose the email address you wish your customers to see who it's "from." You will also be able to choose the name that appears when customers are opening their inbox. This is where it will say for example: From: Louise Smith At the bottom of every email your customers will see your store logo and information, noting that it's personalized and coming straight from you.

If your store has moved or the phone number has changed, not a problem! Just update the My Account page. The data will change automatically and from that point on be present when adding your contact information to your email templates. Every time a new email is created, the latest contact information is obtained.

When your customers click on your emails, they are taken to a page on the web that looks like the email. This is called the email's "landing page." The landing page will be always show whatever information you have in your My Account page, even if you change it after the email has been sent.  The email itself, however, will reflect the old information.

Working with Vendor Images

Partnering is the relationship between retailers and vendors. You request vendors to be your partners. When a partnership has been confirmed, you have access to all of that vendor's pre-made templates and product images. You want access to these templates complete with product images to use in your email campaigns. Start partnering with vendors you carry in your store by going to the "Vendors" tab.

The retailer number is your account number or customer number with the particular vendor you are requesting partnership with.

The Retailer Number helps vendors identify your store when considering your partnership request. Most vendors will search your store by Retailer Number if your store seems unfamiliar to them.

Accepting and denying partnership requests is up to the discretion of the vendor. We certainly know that vendors are just as busy as retailers are, so it's important to be patient. Vendors are notified when there are new partner requests, and they are also notified via email and phone if they still have pending partnerships that need to be answered. This usually happens in three days or less.

A Potential vendor is a vendor that doesn't hold any actions from you. This is a vendor that you haven't asked to be partners with yet, but showing Potential says that you certainly have the option to. A Pending vendor is a vendor you have requested to partner with but the vendor has not approved or denied your partnership yet. This means you are technically waiting on their response, whether it be denied or approved, you cannot use or view their templates until the vendor approves your partnership request.

When a vendor denies your partnership, the vendor must give a reason as to why. There will be a reason  listed on your Partnering page, for your viewing such as missing a credit reference sheet, an outstanding balance, or they can't verify that you are a customer. You can read the reason and act accordingly. You can re-request to partner with the vendor at any time, but it's wise to be conscious of the first denial when re-requesting.

Interested in your choices of vendor partners? You can see the group of the participating vendors here. There is also the complete list of SnapRetail vendors on the Vendors tab within your account and these vendors are constantly being updated.

A vendor template includes a single image, promotional copy and like all templates, your logo and store information at the bottom. All you need to do is approve and send. But if you don't like the promotional message that the vendor has provided with the template, you can always change it. SnapRetail is really just that easy, partner with vendors, choose templates, and send to customers.

If you are interested in carrying a new vendor in your store the Partnering page is where you can reach out to new vendors by clicking the "I'm Interested" button. This will send your contact information directly to that vendor and they will contact you with how to become one of their selling retailers.